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10 Stats that prove customer service to be proactive

Challenging business

In a challenging business like customer success, it all goes in vain if your customer services does not speak for itself. With the cadence of prevailing cut-throat competition, it is now the need of the hour to render proactive customer services. And that is why being reactive over being proactive takes a backseat. The same way it works for your customers too. They would severely dislike seeing your hefty reactions to an issue which you could have dealt with composure and poise. In that case, your constant calls or apology emails would not suffice as well. Hence, proactive customer service can take you a long way, provided you know all the dos and don’ts.

Fast Forward

For most forward-thinking organizations, delivering the highest quality of customer experience and customer services is all that matters. Gone are the days when a customer bases their loyalty over the prices, products, or performance. Today, they are more loyal to a brand whose customer service reaches their heart. Their experience that they have with the company and the level of satisfaction obtained are what counts at the end of the day.

Fortunately, the stats too seem to concur with us on this note. Are you still wondering how? Here are 10 such stats that prove that when customer service is proactive, you are a winner.

  1. In a recent report published by Microsoft, it was revealed that almost 96% of the customers said customer service is a critical factor for choosing their loyalty to a particular brand. And this holds true around the globe too.
  2. Similarly, accordingly to a report by Zendesk backs that up too. When a customer is enquired about what impacts their trust quotient with an organization, what is ranked as number one is rendering exceptionally good customer service or the one that is proactive.
  3. As per American Express, 68% of the consumers say that the key to great customer service is actually a polite and calm customer service representative. They refrain from doing business with an already angry or agitated representative.
  4. 34% of the organizations today are adding the facet of ‘customer journey mapping’ into their customer service to go proactive. This is a statistics put forth by a Huffpost report.
  5. According to stats produced by American Express, 70% of the customers confirm that they support a company that renders satisfying customer service.
  6. On similar grounds, a report published by Zendesk proves that almost 52% of the customers have admitted making an additional purchase after meeting a positive customer service experience.
  7. 17% of Americans have admitted to doing more business with the companies that have a stellar reputation when it comes to great customer service. This report hails from the American Express.
  8. Negative customer service too takes to a proactive stance under any circumstance. In a report published by Harris Interactive, 89% of the customers have admitted switching to a competitor due to poor customer service experience.

What stays common in all of these stats is that great customer service has the power to completely transform your business, in the best way possible. In that case, it is of high pertinence that you are aware of imbibing a culture of proactive customer service in no time.

How to create a culture of proactive customer service? 

  • Understand the wishes and demands of your customers: In the customer success industry, the customer is your king. And there is a no different way of saying this. It is really crucial that you understand their needs to deliver proactive service. Without knowing their likes and dislikes, you might fall prey to bulging customer churn rates and low customer loyalty as well.
  • Offer Personalized Services: One thing that a customer utterly dislikes is being treated as a robot. They do not want to be spoken to in a scripted manner. What they would really like to be given attention and pampered well. This will set the tone for a lasting relationship ahead. It would not make you a smaller person if you can just call a few customers sometimes and ask them if they are getting the best service from your company. Also, do consider some of their feedbacks that can help revamp your rand.
  • Hire the Right People: It will all simmer down into nothingness if you don’t have the right tools and the people. If your staff is not well-trained to delight and satisfy your clients, it serves zero purposes at all. Your staff must be aware of how to deal with an agitated customer. Aside from this, they must know how to tactfully trigger a customer into doing business with you. Remember, the right staff can do half of the work in revving up revenue.
  • Prove your presence in the online medium: Start interacting with your customers on social channels. Do revert to them when you see you have been tagged. Share your happiness with a customer when they have lauded you on any of your channels. Similarly, if you see a customer who is not that happy with your service and has posted something negative about your brand, do revert to them as well. Let them know that you are here to affix their issues.

Final Thoughts 

There is no real ingredient that can push customer service to happen. It all depends on how you cook the best recipe out of the available resources. Customers love to stick around when they see they are being noticed. Give your best and you will receive the best in no time.