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10 Tips To Boost Your Small Business Organically

8 Min Read

You have dreamed of having your own business for as long as you can remember. You have gathered the courage, invested the money, worked hard day and night to turn this dream into reality, only to find out that it is not enough. You are having a hard time reaching out to your audience and have no idea how to go about it. The sales are low, and no matter how good your product is, no one seems to be buying it.

Don’t give up just yet, because these 10 steps will be enough for you to start making sales, that too organically!

The Ideal Avatar

I am sure you have heard people talk about ‘ knowing your target audience’, but what exactly does that entail? It means creating an Avatar in your head of what your ideal customer looks like. For example: If you have an affordable clothing brand, the ideal customer would be a woman or girl between 16 to 25 years old who is a student and working part-time or full time. But she does not have enough money to splurge; this is where the ‘affordable’ tag comes into the picture. She is looking for something that is high fashion but at the same time does not end up burning a hole in her pocket. This will clarify your strategic process and help you model your brand accordingly.

Building Blocks

This goes without saying that the brand with more exposure has a stronger chance of building a bigger customer base. You need to make sure that you are using all the free marketing channels available to you and a big part of that is social media. Make accounts and post content regularly. Apart from images and captions, focus more on video content for higher engagement. Learning how to make videos through a simple video editing tool will help enhance the video content and improve brand engagement. Free video editing software such as InVideo will go a long way in this. This video editing software is extremely user-friendly and hence great for beginners. It has hundreds of tutorials, so you can keep polishing your skills as you go. It has features that can rival any professional paid video editing software, and it is free!

Personalize: Be The Best You

Your brand needs to be an extension of your personality; that is what will make it stand out. If possible, put a face to it. Appear in your brand’s social channels, in your video content, and on images sporting your goods. This will help you create a connection with your audience on a personal level. It will also build trust, and they will think of you as someone they know and, hence, can trust with their money.

Pretty sells

This is where you can put in some extra efforts to spruce up your brand image. Make your content look beautiful, elegant, polished, bold, and something that everyone wants. Go that extra mile and invest in building a good brand logo, use editing software that will help you elevate your content, make sure your brand has a theme, and stick to it. Aesthetics will change the entire ball game of your brand exposure because let’s face it, pretty things sell. 

Cohesiveness Equals Consistency

Build a cohesive brand. This means that you can showcase your consistency and discipline with something as simple as cohesiveness. Let’s take the same example from above; if your business caters to young, hip women, go with bold peppy colors in your branding. Stick to these colors when designing your brand logo, packaging, gift cards, promos, and social media pages. This sends out the subconscious message about your brand that, “I am consistent”, which builds an image of your brand that is more likely to stick with people.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

All of us love free stuff, and now is the time to use this to your advantage. You can include freebies like a small gift or a sample with every order, something that is affordable enough that does not eat into your budget. If you cannot do that, you can dish out free advice on your socials to attract the audience. Using the same example as before, you can offer suggestions on how to style outfits, trending fashion advice, etc., that will act as bait and grow your audience organically.

People Are Competitive

People love to be competitive, and more importantly, they love to win. Friendly contests and giveaways are a fool-proof method of increasing engagement and getting more people to notice your brand. Get creative and keep changing it up as you go, and you will surely see the results for yourself.

Do You Like Us?

Every time you make a sale, make sure to ask for feedback. These organic reviews will not only help you improve yourself as a brand but will also make great testimonials for any future buyers who are unsure of spending money on your products. This is an excellent way of building a loyal customer base in the long run.

Help Each Other Out

Guest blogging is an effective method of building a strong community of like-minded businesses. Get in touch with brands that are similar to yours, and help each other. This way, you can lift yourself up as well. Guest blog on each other’s socials, highlight the uniqueness of each brand; you can also host contests and giveaways together if it is proving to be too expensive for you alone.

We Are Unique

This cannot be stressed enough, but it is extremely helpful to personalize. People love to be recognized. Include a small personal message or a note in your delivery packet. Address your customers by name. Something this small will surely earn you a lot of loyalty in return.

Hopping On Trends

Last but not least, hop on the latest trends. You are selling things to a generation that has an attention span of fewer than 30 seconds. To stay relevant, you have to stay on top of the latest trends and challenges that are going around. This will make you more relatable, help you stay on your feet, and stay up to date with what your customers want.

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