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3 Flooring Options that Work the Best for Your Bedroom

Most of the individuals spend an estimated one-third of their lives in their bedrooms. Some are just resting after hectic days of work and some are making happy memories with their family and kids. With so much attachment involved with this room, it becomes the most special and requires decorating and styling just the way you want. And that starts with the flooring for your room.

The floor is the first thing that your feet touch when you get up from the bed and the last when you climb into your blanket for the night. So, it has to be comfortable and durable and also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

flooring room

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to make your choice easier. You need not stick to old-style carpeting anymore. You can shop around the market and decide the type that is best suited to your bedroom needs.

If you are keen, let us review other flooring types and how they can work in your case –

Tile Floors

Carpets are certainly not the best options when your family tends to bring in lots of dirt inside. Not only is the dirt difficult to clean but also to extract from the core of the fibers. As a result, you can encounter respiratory allergies and convert it into a breeding ground for bacteria. In that case, porcelain or ceramic tiles work pretty great as you can sweep and mop them and remove all the mud and grime.

However, tiles are delicate than the rest of the lot and can crack if you don’t pay attention. So, you got to be extra cautious all the time if you choose to install this flooring.

Wood Floors

Wood floor has been the oldest yet a classic option for bedrooms for years. It brings a commendable sense of warmth and also stands the test of time. You can find it in various options and colors, and create any bedroom style you want – from traditional to contemporary. Aesthetically, it looks smooth and beautiful and practically is easy to clean and allergy-resistant. The best part is you can choose less-expensive engineered wood if solid wood seems out of your league.

But, surfaces of both types are hard and prone to denting. Besides, they are costly to repair. So, if you opt for wood floors, be regular with the everyday maintenance schedule and check with the installer on how to take proper care of it so it looks like new forever.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl has been a not so popular choice until a few years ago. But considering its features and characteristics now, more and more people have started gravitating towards this type of flooring for their bedrooms. Vinyl products are no longer cheap and unattractive. Thanks to modern technology, these can be bought in some of the gorgeous designs and appearances. Besides, these are waterproof.

The downside? Well, vinyl is plastic and cannot be recycled. So, if you are looking for a green option for your home, you may not prefer it.