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3 Key Cutting Machines That Won’t Put You Over Budget

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DIY can quickly turn into a very expensive hobby. When it comes to buying tools, whether for business or for your own private use, the cost can easily shoot up into the thousands. Whether key cutting is your hobby or the beginnings of a growing business, you’ll need to start small.

Small doesn’t mean ineffective, of course. Even though you’ll be working to a budget, you still want the best key cutting machine you can afford. 

There are three main considerations you should take into account besides the price: Durability, effectiveness, and convenience.

Durability: Finding a Machine to Go the Distance

Even if you buy a budget key cutting machine, it’s still going to set you back a few hundred. You want to invest in a machine that will last. Even some expensive machines can develop issues early on in their working life, and while they may still be under warranty, fixing the problems will cost time and therefore money.

It’s always good to do your research before investing in a machine. However, if you’re looking for durability, the Jet 9000B Manual Key Machine offers a solid promise of reliability, as well as interesting new features.

If your work involves key cutting on the go, the Jet 9000B is surprisingly light and portable.

Efficiency vs Price

Even the most durable reasonably priced key cutting machine is a waste of money if it doesn’t do the job correctly. The Nomad Key Machine by JMA offers all the options you could want, including a lightweight frame (6.5kg) and a compact, easily portable design.

It boasts versatile four-way steel jaws, meaning you can cut keys with angled precision. A highly tuned calibration system allows for exact adjustments. 

Many smaller key cutting machines omit important features, so be sure to properly understand what you’re getting before investing in any new machine. 

You shouldn’t expect a manual machine to have the same perks and technology as an automatic model, but you also shouldn’t need to go back to basics, either. Remember, the efficiency of a particular model and the features included will likely be reflected in the price.

Convenience Without Compromise

Chances are, a startup locksmithing business will be forced to use a smaller workspace. Maybe key cutting is your hobby and you work from your garage, or maybe you’re setting up in your van as a mobile locksmith. Either way, you will certainly benefit from a lightweight, compact machine that you can take on the go with you.

One of the most reasonably priced options available in the HPC Mini Speedex. Small, compact, and convenient, it’s also highly reviewed as an efficient and easy-to-use machine. It’s perfect for a mobile locksmith.

Balancing the Budget

When you’re shopping for key cutting machines, you may find yourself overwhelmed by choice. Don’t let price be your only deciding factor. Of course, you may well have to work within a budget. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good-quality machine that will make a great addition to your growing business.

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