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4 Custom Shoe Box Designs For Inspirational Branded Look!

Shoes are precious dressing tools to enhance your personality wherever you go. Custom shoe boxes are found everywhere, yet their use and design differ in each industry and beyond. Cardboard and kraft are the foundation of shoe boxes and have evolved not just as intelligent and protective shipment resources but also as a marketing vehicles for brand image and forms of creative art.

The influence of the shoe and shoe boxes can be seen and experienced in many ways. Going beyond just providing safety and security, it helps brands to set the tone and design of the product inside with interesting graphical art and innovative texture.

Easy & Flexible Packaging

Commonly a stock weight of 200 lbs, this custom shoe boxes is designed to pack and carry heavy footwear and still feel lightweight. With corrugated cardboard and paperboard material, you have the flexibility to design the boxes with creativity. You can either make your product more appealing to the audience or promote your brand through it. You can have easy, high-quality graphical printing on it and a shiny finish, giving it a branded appearance. Their strong base material of shoes and custom sock packaging boxes provide long-lasting durability to your socks, shoes, sneakers, and heels. Every time you take out the boots from it, it give the same new look you first time have brought them.

Light On Your Budget Shoe Box

A custom shoe box not only fulfills branding requirements and pleasant designs to attract customers but also provides convenience for your financial budget. It does not require much of the labor to produce high-quality shoe packaging. Moreover, the use of cardboard and kraft material in its manufacturing does not cost much. Thus quality boxes with less expensive materials bring an affordable solution to the startup and business with a low budget. Quality custom cardboard boxes allow you to have easy handling and movement during the shipment process, resulting in saving the damage cost.

Reusable & Recyclable Benefits

These custom shoe boxes wholesale are made of corrugated cardboard and kraft packaging; they do not get easily destroyed by water, dust, or other external factors. This made them ideal for using for other purposes as well, which include storing your personal items and jewelry, making it a first aid box, and presenting your gift in it or keeping your shoes in it after wearing them. The strong base material is highly durable and won’t be torn or reshaped in any case.

Furthermore, these recyclable materials are eco-friendly. They easily and quickly decompose into the soil, not hurting the ecosystem. As a result of the eco-friendly factor, companies won’t have any problem with how to dispose of these custom printed socks boxes.

custom printed socks boxes

Adidas 1

Addidas 1 is an advanced style snicker for running and jogging made by Germans.  Its designs involve the application of computers displaying a technically modern aesthetic. Thus, when you’re unboxing it you experience opening up high-technology built-in equipment.

The unique die-cut style resonates with the visual aesthetics of the shoe. These intriguing design provokes customers imploring them to discover what is inside them.

Nike SB Dunk – Travis Scott

The patchwork and bandanas worked throughout the box’s design reflect the rapper’s fashion style, this American rapper of Nike was manufactured in 2018 and gained huge fame.

Vans Shoe box

This classical design of custom shoe boxes has built the recognition of the skate and scurf company. The graphical presentation of these boxes depicts the culture of the skate company while its bright colors and designs attract the customers immediately with one stance.


This includes a sleeve box where the outer sleeve gives a great unboxing experience with lenticular animation. Furthermore, the box portrays a royal branded look by inculcating shimmering foil in its packaging.

Bottom Line Of The Blog

Never compromise on the shoe packaging. In this blog, we have read how you can enhance the custom shoe box design with several famous companies working on it.  Moreover, beyond designs its benefits are wonderful from recycling, giving less price rate, and protecting your shoes from any harm. Resulting in giving a long life to your precious shoes.