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4 Ways To Embed Instagram Photos And Videos

Want to include Instagram videos on your website?

After all, displaying stunning Instagram videos is a fantastic method to increase visitor engagement on your site. Additionally, the increased number of followers from website visitors is a benefit.

It can also be really simple if you have the correct tool.

So today, we’re going to demonstrate the most straightforward method for including Instagram videos on your website.

Before we begin the lesson, let’s first learn why it’s vital to show your Instagram videos on your WordPress site.

Why Embed Instagram Photos And Videos

There are many advantages to incorporating Instagram videos into your website.

One way to increase the appeal of your website is by including relevant videos.

Additionally, embedding Instagram posts saves you time by eliminating the necessity for manual uploading.

And that’s only the beginning. Here are some more excellent justifications for including Instagram videos on your website:

For your products, you can provide video reviews and endorsements. As a result, people who visit your website will be more motivated to purchase.

If your Instagram feeds are shoppable, you may provide visitors with a wonderful shopping experience. In addition, direct access to the sales page is possible from your Instagram feeds.

Instagram video feeds of customers using your products can be displayed. Visitors are significantly more likely to purchase with that social evidence.

#1 Instagram Official Embed Feature 

Instagram’s official website is for you if you want to integrate Instagram feed into website but lack the funds or don’t want to buy the necessary equipment.

By selecting the three dots above, you can embed any Instagram feed you’ve found that’s relevant to your brand or company.

Using Instagram to integrate Instagram feeds on your website is quite simple. Three dots will appear in the post’s upper right corner when you first click on a post.

Click the Embed Code Link to view the alternatives you have to choose from.

To insert that image, you must then paste this link there. Your Instagram post will appear after you copy and paste the embed code.

It requires no technical expertise and is simple to accomplish. However, you can run into problems, such as the inability to utilize images and videos without the content owner’s consent.

Additionally, it takes time because you have to manually embed each post you want to insert.

It is an easy procedure if you only want a few Instagram photos or videos on your website. The official Instagram website makes it simple to add an Instagram feed to your website.

#2 Social Media Aggregator Tools 

When incorporating the Instagram widget on a website, social media aggregator tools are first on the list. And the reason is that it offers a convenient process. However, picking the ideal tool for your company can be challenging. And to assist you in this circumstance, we’ve listed a few features you should look for when choosing to embed an Instagram widget on a website.

Pick the options that will let you quickly design a personalized Instagram widget. Most of these include customization options, such as altering themes and layouts. The font’s color and size are also adjustable.

We also advise you to use tools with a moderation panel because doing so will enable you to hide content from the widget. Additionally, we advise using a tool that enables you to alter the card style. You may improve the visual appeal of your Instagram widget by using these options. Most critical, choose a solution that works with most CMS platforms.

#3 WordPress Plugin

WordPress is utilized by 65.2% of websites that use a content management system, according to data from W3Techs. So we may infer from the facts that you must be one of its users. And we are sure that you know that plugins exist. 

 You can also alter the widget’s appearance with some of these plugins. Additionally, you are free to check out the metrics. You will get knowledge of the content types that work best for your Instagram widget. Knowing this will help you successfully design your Instagram posts.

When selecting a plugin for your WordPress website, ensure it is up-to-date, compatible, and has a sizable number of active installations.

#4 Screenshot Method

You can also take a screenshot of the Instagram posts if you only want to utilize one or two of the photos on your website and don’t want to copy the embed codes from Instagram’s official websites or don’t have the time or money to buy social media aggregators.

The photographs can be cropped to the right size for your website. Ensure to obtain the owner’s consent before utilizing their photographs so that they do not accuse you of doing so.

In A Nutshell

You are now aware of the several methods for adding Instagram feeds to your website. Any of these methods can be used to add Instagram feeds to your website.

However, using a social media aggregator is your best option if your business is well-known and you have a lot of user-generated content on social media. It is a fantastic technique to produce original material for your brand and company website, and it also aids in establishing trust with your clients.