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5 Best Practices to writing a Great Meta Description

Have you heard about the word meta description? Of course, yes! A meta description is nothing but summarizing the content of your web pages to make search engine friendly. The length of the meta description is up to 160 characters.The main purpose of writing meta descriptions is to let your readers know what your content or brand is all about at a glance. So, readers will clarify their doubts and click on the web page. The key to ranking up on SERPs is to optimize your meta description instantly to make the readers know what you offer. 

While meta description supports SEO, every writer trickly writes it and uses a free word counter online instantly to ensure the word limit. Here, let’s explore a detailed guide to meta description. 

What Exactly Is a Meta Description?

Generally, a meta description is one of the key elements in HTML for summarizing your page’s content to help search engines and searchers find the content. 

In other words, a meta description is a short synopsis of a whole content to attract readers to tap on your link to get detailed insights or educate themself. 

A meta description plays a significant role in taking the content in front of the potential audience when they search with a specific search query. So, to help the searcher query, it is important to write the meta description more accurately. 

Importance of Meta Description

Want to know why meta description is more important? Here are some solid reasons that you have to know. 

Correct Indexing: Writing meta descriptions assists crawlers in understanding your whole content and better ranking in SERPs. More importantly, it improves the indexability of your site.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) & SEO: A compelling meta description is really vital to boost the CTR of your organic search results, drive website traffic, and improve engagement with your loyal customers. The more viewers tap on your content, the more your content gets ranked at the top of the search. 

How Long a Meta Description Should Be?

The meta description should be between 155 and 160 characters in length. If you write a meta description of more than 160 characters, then Google will cut it out. There is no doubt that writing meta descriptions is essential to describe your whole content, increase value, and generate more clicks. 

If you want to maintain the suggested length of the meta description, use a free word count checker and be precise with your wording. 

Tips to Write a Great Meta Description

If you want to engage the readers, writing a great description matters a lot for making your content stay ranked at the top. Do you want to know how to write a great meta description? Here is a tip.

#1 Meta Description Should Answer the Reader’s Query

Get to know that the meta description you write should convince readers to tap into your content. For that, you have to focus on writing something that answers their specific questions. It is the space where you can answer your reader’s query in a few words. So before writing, understand what your readers need to learn and write it captivatingly to drive traffic. 

#2 Provide a Solution to the Reader’s Problem

If the reader wants to buy any product, they will search for the challenges they face. Based on what they need to know, provide a solution that solves the problems. So, understand your buyer’s perspective and write a better meta description. 

#3 Write Short & Concise

There is only a space of 160 characters to grab the reader’s attention immediately. So, it’s best to focus on writing meta directions to answer specific queries. But, it is essential to write it as short and precise as possible and ensure it is convincing. You can use Check Word Counter to keep the word count within the limit. 

#4 Focus on Keyword Density

No one can deny keywords play a key role in making the content discoverable in the search results. So, while writing a meta description, make sure to include keywords in it to increase the chance of resulting in SERPs. 

More expert writers always write clear, short, and precise keywords to grab the eye of the reader’s attention faster. The best practice is to focus on keyword density, and keywords should be used in a natural way to entice more readers. 

#5 Write Unique & Engaging Meta Description

As a writer, you get familiar with unique content that will attract more readers. The same rule to meta descriptions that ensure that each of your meta descriptions should be both unique and engaging. You can only prompt readers to tap on your website with unique and engaging descriptions. In addition, include CTA in your description to boost your engagement. 

Wrapping It Up

Thus, you get a clear view of what meta descriptions are, their importance, tips, and the length they should be. Let’s start writing impactful meta descriptions to increase the conversion rate and boost sales.