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5 Reasons Companies Are Migrating To The Cloud

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Cloud computing and storage are approaching ubiquity in the world of business. Here are five reasons why more and more companies are ditching on-site servers and utilizing the cloud.

There Is Plenty Of Help Available

Because of the popularity of the cloud, a small industry has sprung up in order to support companies that wish to adopt it as a storage or computing solution. Companies like AvePoint help with the complications that can arise when moving from in-house servers to cloud services. There are some distinct difficulties that can be experienced, such as data silos and data spreading, but a good plan mediated by professionals tends to mitigate these risks.

Remote Possibilities

During the coronavirus pandemic, remote working became the norm. In order to stop the spread of the deadly virus, companies were incentivized to let their staff do their jobs from home whenever possible. A great many companies have announced that they will become permanently remote, or at least adopt some kind of hybrid working model in which employees are not required to go into the office very often.

Cloud computing and storage are essential for effective remote working. Because data and applications are hosted remotely, they can be accessed by any employee with a computer and the right authority. Cloud computing is especially useful for remote work, with employees able to access the unique software on the cloud that could previously only be found on a company’s premises.

Growth Management

Cloud computing and storage make growth far less expensive for companies. Storage and computing power can be upgraded with the click of a button, and new employees can be given access to resources without the purchase of new hardware and licenses.


Every good cloud computing service is end-to-end encrypted. This means that data is scrambled when it is in transit between the server and the remote user, and can only be unscrambled by an authorized person. Cloud services usually offer multi-phase authentication as well. This means that users have to prove who they are with both a password and another form of identification – often biometric in nature.

The Data Deluge

We live in the age of accumulation. Be it plastics, tech or data, the stuff is piling up like never before. In data terms, this is largely because of the ubiquity of the internet and networked communications. Companies have bigger datasets at their disposal that are exponentially increasing in size as more information is produced and collected. Big datasets are incredibly useful for businesses that want to make accurate forecasts and good marketing decisions. Exponentially expanding datasets are, however, not suited for on-site servers. Servers would need to be expanded and replaced at a rate that would not be economically viable. Cloud storage can, however, be expanded with the click of a button. Cloud storage is not infinite and still relies upon physical servers. It is, however, far less restrictive than on-site servers.

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