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Ecommerce Checkout Page Optimization: 5 steps to increase sales

Ecommerce Checkout Page Optimization: 5 steps to increase sales 

“The global average rate of cart abandonment is 75.6%” – this was the percentile analyzed by Statista in March 2020. So, your eCommerce business is not the only one experiencing a lowered rate of conversion.

The reasons as to why consumers abandon their cart after product selection are many. The primary reasons could be credibility, poor customer service, or a tedious process. Here are some other possible reasons: unannounced charges, insecure payment methods, forceful account creation, lengthy checkout, and more.

In this article, we will share some tips to optimize your online store’s checkout process for increased conversions.

  1. Secure the website with certification to increase the credibility

The Internet makes valuable data vulnerable and there is no denying it. And the most unsafe web industry is eCommerce; facing about 32% of the data breaches (source: Bigcommerce).

Trust is an essential part of business; 7 out of 10 individuals would abandon a site where data is insecure.

Having an SSL certification is vital for every website that deals with online transactions. There are different SSL certifications suitable for different businesses; the EV SSL has the highest level of validation.

This will provide a credible ground and reassure your customers of safe transactions. This certification comes with a green bar in the browser address bar, shows the company name and the lock before https://.

  1. Simple and Streamlined checkout process

Statistics say, 10% of the visitors abandon cart due to the lengthy checkout process, so that must be avoided.

The lesser the number of steps in the purchase funnel, the higher the chances of conversion

Always keep the checkout process visual, so your customers know which page they are on and how many more are left. Some few other things you can do:

  • Provide an auto-filling option for customers to use browser-stored information.
  • Do not make account creation mandatory; offer guest checkout.
  • Keep the checkout page clutter-free and with less distraction. Reduce or remove the headers and footers. The call-to-action buttons must be visible and attractive.
  • Apply a functional back button. If going back a page makes the purchase process an error, customers are less likely to redo.
  1. Multiple payment options

Credit and Debit cards are the most popular methods of online transactions. However, with an increase in cyber crimes, very few customers prefer sharing their card details. So, offer payment alternatives, including COD.

Providing multiple payment options for customers to choose from is likely to bring in more customers and increase sales.

  1. Provide transparent shipping details

Customers do not like hidden costs like surprise charges and taxes. When displaying products on your website, provide the shipping policies, including the charges.

And not just shipping policies, provide all the necessary item customers are likely to look for, like refund methods, reviews, and more.

Extra tip: Try and provide free shipping if possible. Some merchants cannot afford free shipping. If you can, consider the option.

  1. Offer the latest promo codes and related products on the final checkout page

Customers do not like going off-site to look for the latest promo codes and coupons. Keep your customers glued to your site by offering ‘valid’ promo codes before ‘make payment’.

Also, recommend the related products just before checkout so the shoppers have got everything they might need.

Once all that is done, show the total amount they are paying, including shipping charges, other deductions before they hit the make payment.

Final Thoughts

E commerce is all about customers; as long as you keep them happy, sales go up and also requires a lot of testing to know what works best for every website.

If you are looking forward to revamp your eCommerce site, hire experience freelance eCommerce developer with expertise in implementing all the strategies mentioned above for a higher rate of eCommerce conversion.

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