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ac repair

Mostly, people consider that our outdoor air is polluted. When we talk about pollution, then only a few things come in our mind, such as smoke coming out of the factory, smog, etc. But, have you ever considered indoor air quality? You might be surprised after knowing that the air quality inside your home is comparatively bad than outdoor air quality.

Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. We spend most of our time indoors; therefore, it is vital to pay special attention to indoor air quality. According to the survey, we spend 87% of our life indoors. So, indoor air should be of high quality. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install an air purifier to maintain good indoor air quality.

Some Common Air Pollutants

Different types of air pollutants can affect indoor air quality. Contaminants can enter your place by various means such as shoes, gas leaks, pet dander, etc. One of the most common air pollutants is carbon monoxide.

Another form of air pollutants is asbestos and lead particles present in the old home. Asbestos and lead particles, when released in the air, then it can affect the lungs. The mold and mildew in the kitchen can create a nuisance and degrade the quality of air.

Molds and mildews are developed in a place where the moisture level is high. Molds and mildews can severely affect the people who are suffering from asthma.

  1. Replace Filter Of AC

The new air conditioning systems are comprised of filters that can help in trapping the pollutants from the indoor air. The latest technology air conditioners do not just support in maintaining the optimum temperature, but they also help in purifying the indoor air quality.

The HEPA filters installed in the air conditioning Sydney can help in trapping the common air pollutants such as dust, dirt, harmful gases, microbes, etc. After some time, air filters start filling up, and they stop doing their task efficiently.

Therefore, you should replace the filter of AC after some time. Otherwise, the old filters start spreading dust, dirt, and microbes in the air. The old screens filled up with pollutant not just start polluting the indoor, but also wear down the air conditioning system.

These old filters can lead to an expensive repair. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that you change your AC filters after some time. It will help in reducing indoor air pollution.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner Filter

The vacuum clears also integrated with the HEPA air filter. Therefore, you should also check the screens of other household appliances along with the air conditioner. Your AC filter isn’t the only thing working to keep the air clean in your home environment.

Not just vacuum cleaner, but cloth dryer, vents of the kitchen, and various other appliances should be examined and maintained after a regular interval. Therefore, it is recommended to replace all kinds of filters in your household appliance to reduce pollutants in the indoor air.

  1. Examine Air Ducts

The new technology ducted air conditioners are comprised of air ducts. The air ducts help in distributing hot and cold air throughout the entire building. The air conditioners will provide a cool and comfortable atmosphere in your house. If you failed to do the maintenance of ducts of the ducted air conditioning Sydney, then it will start spreading the contaminants from one place to another.

With time, various pollutants will settle inside the ducts. You have to do the regular maintenance of duct so that indoor air quality remains unaffected. You can also take the help of professionals to do the cleaning and maintenance of ducts.

  1. Regularly Clean Carpet

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important things to consider upgrading the indoor air quality of your house. The fabric of rugs and carpets can easily trap dust, dirt, and various other harmful microbes. You should regularly move the vacuum cleaner over the carpet to remove the dust and other pollutants trapped inside the fabric. It will help in maintaining optimum air quality inside your home.

  1. Maintain The Humidity Level

Humid indoor air creates a perfect atmosphere for the generation of molds and microbes. The mold spores can significantly degrade the quality of indoor air. The mold spores can trigger respiratory problems. You should look out for different ways to reduce the moisture in the air. It is recommended to install a dehumidifier.

They will help in maintaining the optimum humidity level and maintain a comfortable ambiance.  You can also maintain the optimum humidity level in your house with the help of a good quality air conditioning system.

By Abbas Ali

I am Abbas Ali and I am a professional content writer and blogger. It is my passion to write about different topics including technology, travel, fashion, business, and many more.

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