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5 Warning Signs Of Economic Recession: The Great Depression Lessons

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Similar to the unpredictability of weather, the accurate prediction of an economic recession is near to impossible. One can not directly hit the bull’s eye or predict the financial clouds whether it’ll rain like cats or dogs.

Although an essay on the great depression brings us to the iconic great depression era of 2007 and 2009 which are termed as the worst economic crisis after the 1930s, the firm stability of world economic conditions is still prone to unpredictable inflation, stock market losses, and decline of the construction sector.

The Credit Card Recession

The overall credit card debt ratio due to the unpredictable recession has been increased to 1 Trillion dollars, lately. 

The recent recession occurred when homeowners were unable to pay their due mortgages. The question which arises here is how an essay on the great depression will elaborate on the red flags of recession.

What goes up has the potential of crashing down. Seeking a debt-free analysis can be one healthy step to overcome credit card recession or non-profitable finance counseling. You can also avail the option of installments.

The Academic Loan Recession

The rising need for scholarships and increasingly high demand of educational institutes in terms of academic fee structures are yet another variable economic recession topic destined to be included in an essay on the great depression.

Student loan debts are even higher than credit card debts. A large number of domestic expenses are disturbed due to high-rated student loans. Especially when a student steps out from his own house bearing his financial resources. 

A solution for paying off your student loan is acquiring federal government student loan back programs. No state wants its economic recession due to mere student loans.

Loan Recession

The Automotive Recession

Owning a car in installments or any vehicle on loan brings us to the third warning sign leading towards economic recession. The reasons for insufficient auto loan deliverance can vary from person to person. Your bank loan payment application might be rejected or even an unpredictable natural incident can be the reason too.

All you can do to save yourself and your region with an auto recession is afford a cost-effective vehicle rather than chase the heft trends.

The Pre-retirement Plan Recession

We all work to save for the rainy days. The plan of retirement revolves around saving around 70% of the total income as a pre-retirement plan. For example, how will you even support your family when you can barely support yourself? Especially when the run of the great depression is already burdened by auto, student, and credit card loans.

Signing up for accounts that can uplift your savings with certain percentages of interest rate will be a step closer towards saving greater financial resources, thus saving you from the depression of retirement recession.

The Rampant Recession

The uncertain outbreak of coronavirus has led authorities to prolonged shut down of businesses, globally. The closure of businesses has gesticulated the wind of joblessness which has given birth to the global rampant recession of employment and other compulsory humanitarian resources.

Therefore it’s still a tough prognosis, to come up with exact parameters which have brought mankind towards another stage of recession.

Moreover, the increase in scams and frauds is also one of the greatest causes for this rampant recession. Hence, obedience to strict regulations can save the world from upcoming recessions.


The idea of reserving resources is just not limited to energy resources but economical resources too. Think about smart investments. How you can save yet spend your money in an order to save the upcoming generations from the disasters of economic recessions. Be the cause to eliminate the great recession rather than becoming the resource turning the great recession into the great financial depression.

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