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5 Ways How Digital Tools Can Improve Teaching and Learning in a Business School

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Many apps, software, and platforms assist conversation, collaboration, engagement, and curriculum for learners in any context. Social media, online games, multimedia, and cellular apps are tools that both students and instructors can use to interact within a virtual classroom. Digital tools offer several ways to help enhance textual content, images, audio, and video for an immersive classroom experience.

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What Is a Digital Tool?

Digital tools are programs, websites, or online resources that may simplify duties to finish and increase engagement.

Some examples of digital tools are as follows:

  • Videos, podcasts, and social media
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Simulation games, live polls, and quizzes
  • Discussion Boards
  • Applications and electronic materials
  • Websites and online resources

5 Ways Digital Tools Improve Teaching and Learning

  1. They increase engagement and student attentiveness

One of the key factors in engaging learners is to make sure they are effectively involved with what is happening in the classroom. Making instruction interactive is a great way to engage students, as they have no option other than to play an active role. Digital tools allow for multitasking within the online environment, increasing attentiveness and making it easier for the teacher to gauge how much a student is involved in a lesson.

  1. Creates a space for collaborative teaching and learning

Digital tools such as an online classroom can facilitate an environment conducive to collaboration by offering an opportunity to work with peers, either in the same school or other settings. No more are students learning just from the confines of a classroom; digital tools have expanded the reach of knowledge to just about anywhere in the world. Learners and teachers alike who live across the globe now have full access to collaborate with various educators and education with just a click of a mouse.

  1. Supports student understanding and retaining information

Utilizing online polls, quizzes, and simulation games are resources available to gauge student comprehension of what they have learned. Digital assessment tools provide instant results, and feedback to a student is personalized and confidential. Interactive games assist instructors with large classrooms; students can use virtual assistant options when a teacher is engaged with another student or lecturing. The time instructors can save using digital tools for assessment can be redirected to better quality instruction.

Extending Learning

When students need essay assistance for online assignments, they often turn to digital tools such as Google to research topics and generate ideas for the essays they are given. These online resources had become even more prevalent when classrooms turned virtual.

  1. Gives students and teachers a platform to ask questions and provide and receive feedback

Back when classrooms only consisted of a brick and mortar room with one teacher lecturing and students listening, reaching everyone was very difficult. Students often left feeling unheard, confused, and feedback was only given at the end of a semester in the form of a final grade. Digital tools such as a discussion board is an interactive extension to the classroom where teachers and students can receive information and personalized feedback, answers, and materials to all their questions, comments, or concerns

  1. Provides several options for learning for all types of learners

Revisiting the classrooms of the past where instruction was teacher talks and students listen, this version of education could not reach students who may not have been visual or auditory learners. Research has shown that students have an array of learning styles tactile, audio, visual, and kinesthetic, and virtual learning can supplement the parts of education that a lecture-based classroom couldn’t. Immersive and interactive are the cornerstones of digital tools, which have revamped the face of synchronous and asynchronous learning in any school setting.

Assignment Assistance Options

There are tools and helpful websites to encourage students to finish assignments in a timely manner. When students have a hard time writing essays for assignments, they can look at the essay company review to choose from for help with completing the tasks at hand.


Virtual classrooms appeared overnight, but digital tools have been on the rise for the past few years and will continue to build as more and more schools move away from typical classroom settings to a versatile environment. These current improvements to learning and teaching are just the tip of the iceberg.

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