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5 Ways to Avoid Clutter in Your Bathroom

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Literally nobody wants to deal with clutter in their bathrooms. But are you willing to put in  the work that comes with achieving a clutter-free bathroom? If you are, then you are in the right place. It doesn’t involve much really;just a few simple steps that you can spare a day in your weekend and accomplish. This blog contains some of the ways in which you can avoid clutter and messiness in your bathrooms.Let us have a look.

  • Maximize on Storage

When everything in your bathroom has a home then you can easily prevent clutter. Bathroom storage does not have to be a lot, especially if you do not have a lot of space. Just ensure that you have enough to put things away nice and neat. OPPOLIA bathroom cabinets will provide you with some of the best storage solutions for your bathroom. 

You can have a section for different items and even put up labels if you can find some fancy ones to make your space look beautiful. In addition to cabinets, you can also include baskets and fold your towels neatly inside. When it comes to storage for your bathroom, your creativity matters a lot. You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve the best storage solutions for your bathroom space.

  • Use the Space Behind Doors

Purchase an over-the-door rack with numerous hooks so you can hang wet towels, bathrobes, and other clothing items. Or use a shoe bag organizer to hang on the back of a door and use it to store bathroom supplies like rolled-up magazines and toiletries. Hanging a few hooks that adhere to any surface and can be removed without leaving a mark is another quick, no-tools required storage solution. 

They are available in a range of sizes to hang anything from bath towels and laundry bags to hair dryers and flat irons, and they have finishes to match any décor. You can even hang your garbage can inside a cabinet door to keep the floor free. The goal is to keep everything out of sight as much as possible. However, ensure that you do not overload the back of your bathroom door, as it can get messy.

  • Avoid Overstocking

If you are planning on going to the supply store to get more supplies for your bathroom, ensure that you have used up what you already have available. Having too much stuff in your bathroom is the number one cause of clutter everywhere. This does not mean you should wait to run out before replacing your stuff completely. 

You can schedule the number of times you restock in a month rather than being an impulse buyer and ending up with too much with hardly any space for storage. Also, make sure that you throw out anything that you are not using anymore, especially those empty shampoo bottles that most of us are guilty of hoarding. Throw out the towels worn out before replacing them to avoid having stuff you do not need or use.

  • Select What You Display

We have talked about putting everything away, but if you have a few fancy items that you would like to display on your bathroom counters, then go ahead and do so. A few essential oils and scented candles would look good on the counter. You can purchase a gorgeous tray and place it on the counter for display use. 

Items you frequently use, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, can also be left out, so you do not have to look inside your cabinets whenever you need them. Make your work easy and reduce the time you spend getting ready every morning by prioritizing this.

  • Move Some Stuff

Are you one of those people who put their medicine in the bathroom? If your answer is yes, then I am here to tell you that you do not have to do that anymore. Especially if you do not have enough space for them there, you can move them somewhere else in your bedroom, on a shelf that your kids cannot access. Even your extra towels do not have to stay in the bathroom. 

Lotions and perfumes can stay on your dresser rather than being displayed on your bathroom counters. In short, only bathroom essentials need to stay there; if you want to avoid clutter. However, if you have a spacious bathroom with numerous storage options, you can go ahead and have everything you want.


These are just a few tips that you can use to ensure that your bathroom is clean and tidy at all times. Incorporate all of these in all the bathrooms in your home if you have several, and ask every member of your household to be aware of clutter whenever they see it. This way, you do not have to keep picking up after everyone all the time.

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