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5 Ways to Boost Sales via Plastic Cup Gifts

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Boosting your sales consistently is key if you want to succeed. For many businesses, boosting sales is directly tied to making your brand more well-known and liked in the area where you’re doing business. Promotional marketing campaigns can be a great way to achieve this effect, and branded plastic cups can help you run a successful campaign. Here are five key ways that you can boost sales via plastic cup gifts:

1. Extend Your Brand’s Reach

If you want to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive economic landscape, you’ll need to stand apart from your competitors. One of the best ways to do this consistently is to extend the reach of your brand in the public sphere. Without strong brand awareness propelling your company, making sales can become an uphill battle, after all. Plastic cups are fantastic for making your brand propagate in the real world, as they will be used at family get-togethers, parties, and everyday family dinners. The more people see your branded plastic cup, and the information you place on it, the more they’ll associate your brand with being part of the community that they live in.

2. Offer Discounts for Online Promotion

To make your brand reach new eyes, and boost online sales, you need to have a strong social media presence. In addition to gaining new followers, you’ll want to inspire current followers to post about your brand as much as humanly possible. If you offer discounts for people who promote your brand online, you can get a ton of traffic flowing that boosts your brand on social media. Add a QR code that links to your social media onto your plastic branded cups, and mention that tagging the company in a post with the cup will net the customer a valuable discount (or free item). If you handle this integrated marketing strategy successfully, you’ll see your online mentions skyrocket.

3. Create Cross-Business Promotions

Connecting with fellow businesses and organizations is critical to making your brand more well-known, and boosting your sales, especially for small businesses that work primarily within a single community, If you can find a business, community center, or organization that also needs a boosted presence, you can create cups that help to promote both you and your newfound ally. Be sure to find a way to give out these cross-promoting cups in an organic fashion, such as a community-specific event, and you’ll start becoming a valuable part of the community where you’re doing business.

4. Turn Customer Loyalty into Sales

Crafting a loyal, dedicated customer base is perhaps the best thing you can do to generate a boost in sales. To make your customers loyal, you need to show how much value your company has to provide to them. Never stray away from using promotional gifts as much as you can afford to, as this will ensure that customers are inundated with your brand and the giving spirit you’re looking to cultivate. The more frequently you put yourself out there, and get in touch with your consumer base, the better, after all. This is key if you truly want to become a beloved and irreplaceable part of the community.

5. Offer Free Plastic Cups with New Sales

When you invest in bulk orders of branded plastic cups, you’re likely to have a lot of spare products lying around. To help move the stock, and put your brand out into the public sphere more aggressively, give away free plastic cups with any new sales you make (after you’ve sent out the first few waves of cups to your top customers, that is). You want to emphasize that you’re giving the gift away, but in a way that feels organic, as this will help the customer feel more appreciated on an individual level. Never become too aggressive, or force the cups on a customer if they do not want them, however. Staying respectful and thoughtful at all times is crucial if you want to build your sales and brand awareness.

Bring Up Your Sales in the New Year

With the right attitude and strategy, you can make your sales skyrocket in the new year. Alongside plastic cups, there are many unique promotional gifts you can give out to help boost your brand and sales. Knowing which products will most impress your target audience, and give them the most tangible value, is key to success. For small businesses that are looking to market themselves without spending a ton of money, the fact that you can get thousands of promo items in bulk for an insanely small cost will prove incredibly attractive.

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