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Gardening for those who take it seriously wants everything to be perfect. From the looks of the garden to the health of the plants, it needs to be well maintained. As far as the looks are concerned you have to be very choosy over the type of plant you select to plant in your garden.

And the second most important thing is to choose a perfect location to buy plants online. Of course, there are lots of websites from where you can order plants and but it is the quality of the plants that you have to be most careful about if you want to have them planted in your garden for a few years.

Here are some of the best plants that you can consider to buy from online websites for a perfect looking garden-

Cone flower

It is a beautiful looking plant in your garden that will easily survive some of the toughest conditions. It’s beautiful looking violet-colored petals will beautify your garden. Although the origin of this plant can be traced back to the US it is good for growing in most regions elsewhere. In the summertime, you might have to do some very little maintenance including trimming the plant for better growth. Considering the temperature the cone flower plant can easily sustain tropical climatic conditions. This plant needs average rainfall to keep itself alive. So forget buying rare Australian plants online and rather you can buy a cone flower plant.

Creeping thyme

It is also a wonderful plant to set up in your garden if you want to make it look beautiful. Its deep purple look along with the small white flowers will attract people or guests into your garden. The best part about the creeping thyme is that it can sustain hard weather conditions too. So in case if you live in a warm or hot humid climatic region doesn’t worry to buy plants online such as the creeping thyme for your garden.

It is a perennial plant so doesn’t expect the leaves to fall off during any particular time of the year.  During too many low temperatures in winter, the plant has a possibility of drying out so take proper care.

Another interesting thing about the plant is that it is a creeper plant. So you can plant in on the pillars, or along any supporting structures to make your garden look beautiful. The flowers have a nice fragrance and that is sure to draw some butterflies to your garden.

Creeping sedum

These are also a type of creeping plant that looks wonderful when grown. These plants are best for someone looking to beautify their garden at a cheap cost as the prices are extremely low.

The creeping sedum plants also require very little to low maintenance as well. As with the above two, the creeping sedum plant can also survive tough weather conditions. It looks great because it grows on stones along the sides. The color for this plant can be varying from bluish-grey to reddish-brown.

Texas Ranger

If you want your garden to look beautiful then don’t miss out on the Texas ranger plant. This shrub can survive most weather conditions and as the name suggests its origins are from Texas in the US. The flowers have a beautiful lavender color with a nice fragrance. You have to be a bit careful about watering this plant. Especially water this plant during the summer season or droughts. You can expect the flowers to blossom during the spring season. There is no other special maintenance that has to be taken care of.

American blueberry

The American blueberry is more beautiful than some of the rare Australian plants online. Its beautiful looking purple-colored berry-like flowers will blossom during the spring to early summer. This plant like the previous ones has a good drought resistance. It is also very resistant to pests.

Once you have planted the blueberry plant in your garden you don’t have to do too much maintenance other than watering the plant occasionally. The price of the plant is also highly affordable and should be definitely on the list of those who want to set up a garden at low costs.

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