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6 Carpet Cleaning Strategies to Clean Carpets Fast
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6 Carpet Cleaning Strategies to Clean Carpets Fast 

Many people have beautiful carpets in their homes. They decorate their floors with pretty huge carpets that look adorable. Carpets add class to one’s home. Indeed, carpets make your house look far more fancy and better. Because it is of course something unusual and that everyone does not have at their home. But cleaning a carpet is a difficult job to do and not everyone can do it alone and without anything needed. It is a task that has to be done with keenness and precision. Due to its huge size, it cannot be washed every day. But there are some cheapest ways to clean the carpets.

how to wash a carpet at home plus you will be provided with 6 Carpet Cleaning Strategies to Clean Carpets Fast.

1) Cleaning a Carpet Without a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners indeed are very useful but sometimes there are chances that they might cause damage to the homemade carpets or the carpets that are specifically made. So keeping that in view, here we will discuss a few ways to clean the carpet without the help of a steam cleaner. By the way, it is a method through which one knows how to wash carpets at home. And it is an easy way to clean the carpet by hand.


  • Boil water in a vessel and prepare a bucket of hot water for cleaning a carp.
  • Get your mop ready in order to clean the carpet thoroughly.
  • Vacuum the specific part you want to clean in order to get rid of any dust particles present on the carpet’s surface.
  • Completely cover the stain on the carpet with the help of the baking soda and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • You can also do the above-mentioned step by using dish soap or liquid.
  • Surge the liquid until you see bubbles and foam.
  • Wet the rag with hot water and gently rub the stain on the clockwise and anti-clockwise motion.
  • You can also use a cloth, old toothbrush, or a brush for the step mentioned above.
  • Open any Windows or fans present in the room for making the place airy so that the carpet dries much quicker.
  • Once dry, vacuum again.

2) Do Not Rub the Blot Stains

When a stain occurs on a carpet, do not rub the carpet immediately. This will only lead the stain to increase and go into the carpet further. This can cause carpet fragments to come out of their place. An easy way to clean the carpet at home can be a tricky and challenging task sometimes. Hence, dabbing the stain by using a sponge and cleaning agent is way more helpful and wise. It assures the maintenance of the quality of the carpet.

3) Use Shaving Cream

Believe it or not, but shaving cream is the cheapest way to clean the carpets. It removes every type of stain or spill from the surface of the carpet. First, apply shaving cream to the carpet. Let it set properly and then blot it up with a dry cloth. Remember, blotting the stain should be done carefully. Finish the procedure by spraying a 50/50% mixture of water and white vinegar. Repeat this step twice or thrice from time to time in order to get better results. It is indeed the best way to wash the carpets at home.

4) Use Ice Cubes

Another method to clean the carpet by hand is to use ice cubes. Sometimes, we step on a chewing-gum unknowingly and carry it to our homes with our shoes. In this way, mostly, it gets stuck on our carpet or floors. Using ice cubes can help us in taking off the bubble or other sticky substances I.e. candies and sweets. Grab ice-cubes from your freezer and press them firmly against the gum. You can press it against the gum for 30 to 45 seconds. Doing this will make the gum hardened and it will lose its stickiness. Plus it is marked as the best way to wash the carpets at home.  Use a spoon to lift up the gum. Your carpet will be just like a new one again.

5) Heating the Hardened Wax

Burning candles in the house or at any place can result in wax dripping on the carpet. It ruins the carpet’s look. In this case, use the cheapest way to clean the carpet. The wax hardens itself and quickly gets embedded into the carpet’s fibers. Place a towel on the carpet. Place iron on low heat on the towel and gently press the iron against the carpet. After some time, the wax will become soft. Use a butter knife or a plastic scale to scrape off the softened wax from the carpet.

6) Grease Cleaning

The most difficult spills to clean are greasy spills. They leave a dark spot behind that badly ruins the carpet’s look. But using the right product and technique might prove fruitful and helpful. Take a grease-cutting dish wash into a cup. Add some hot water in that cup as well. Stir the solution gently for as much time as it takes to mix the solution properly. Grab a spray bottle and fill the solution inside it. Soak the greasy stain properly with the solution. Take a dry cloth and wipe the solution gently. Repeat this task from 4 to 5 times for getting better results.


Not everyone can afford advanced vacuum cleaners. So it is better to use the cheapest way of cleaning the carpet. Hence; these techniques of cleaning the carpets by hand can help an individual to clean his carpet without using the advanced fancy machines. A simple vacuum cleaner will do as well. Cleaning carpet at home can be challenging, but using the right product and techniques can be very helpful

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