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7 Creative Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds

7 Creative Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds
  • PublishedFebruary 1, 2022

As an avid coffee drinker, have you wondered what can you do with old coffee grounds? Yes, we discard them, but you can put them to better use and reap their benefits. Even your Nespresso compatible pods have some ground coffee left in them, which you can use as plant manure and more. Or you can use the coffee pod for many creative purposes.

Old coffee grounds do not make a delicious cup of joe. However, they are a natural source of compost that can provide you with a flourishing garden. Intrigued with this fact? Here are a few other things you can do with old coffee grounds.

Idea 1: Use them to fertilize a garden

Having a garden or few plants is a dream for most of us. However, it is challenging to grow new plants as the soil does not have all the fertilizers it needs. Also, when you keep using the same soil for growing many plants, the nutrients deplete, leaving you with a plant that does not grow.

Old coffee grounds can help you with growing a beautiful garden. It is because they have several nutrients, like iron, phosphorus, magnesium, nitrogen, and more. All these help grow your plants beautifully.

Also, coffee grounds appeal to worms, and worms work their magic on the soil. Thus, giving it more nutrients and your garden a fresh look.

 Idea 2: Get rid of onion & garlic odor

When you peel onion or garlic, the odor of the same remains in your hand for a long time. No one likes that odor, and the easiest way to remove this odor is to use coffee grounds. Keep the old used coffee grounds near your sink. Every time you peel an onion or garlic clove, use a bit of the ground and rub it all over your hands. Rinse it with water, and your hands will smell nice and fresh.

Idea 3: Save it for compost

Do you not need an immediate fertilizer? It is fine! You may need a garden later, and these coffee grounds can help then. A lot of food scraps from your kitchen work perfectly as compost. They have more nutrients than the ones you get from waster compost.

Also, when you use coffee grounds as compost, the emission of greenhouse gases is less too.

 Idea 4: It may help with your furniture

We all have furniture with little scraps here and there. It is DIY that many people have found useful. Try it, but in a place that is not visible to the naked eye for testing purposes.

Just mix 1 tbsp of coffee with some olive oil to make a paste. Then, with a swab of cotton, put it on the scratched area and let it dry.

Idea 5: Use it to repel bugs and insects

Bugs, mosquitoes, and insects are common irritants in our life. Even your garden gets pests that can tear your beautiful flowers. The fix? Use a handful of used coffee grounds and put it in a bowl near outdoor areas. Or you can sprinkle them outside your garden.

It has caffeine and diterpenes, which repels bugs and insects.

Idea 6: Use it to make a homemade scrub

Coffee is one of the best things you can use for exfoliating your skin. Many cosmetic and skincare products have coffee because it has antioxidants that can naturally revitalize your skin. If looking to make DIY exfoliating scrubs, use coffee with coconut oil and honey. It makes for a perfect scrub, getting rid of dirt and impurities from your face. Try it once a week.

Idea 7: Use it to remove fleas from your pet

Your beloved pet can get fleas from time to time. Removing them can cost you a fortune. Also, these products have chemicals, which may do more harm than good. Using coffee grounds can help. Run them on your pet’s fur after you wash them with soap. After rubbing coffee thoroughly on them, use water on them again to clean them. Let them dry naturally.

Do not let your pets consume it as it is dangerous for them. Also, take a vet’s help if the fleas are too many.

Wrapping up, with these tips, you will never let your coffee grounds go to waste.

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