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7 Easy Steps to Travel with Pets

7 Easy Steps to Travel with Pets 

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”

Loving someone despite them, not speaking your tongue is hard. But enjoying something that utterly can’t talk a single word calls for the action of heart and soul together.

Being a pet dork can have its advantages and worse case scenarios as well.  It all depends on how you treat animals.

Some people are more prone to kindness, which, unfortunately, is limited only to their share of pets but can’t be open to being courteous to other animals.

Learn compassion, teach it, and share it with others so that they can know its importance as well.

Pets on Mission Impossible

Can you ever wonder about leaving your beloved friend (and I mean your pet) behind, while you enjoy the holiday excursions?

I can’t do that to my Smooch ever. And yes, Smooch is my pet, a Labrador. I found him in a puppy stack for sale, and it was love at first sight, not sure his side or mine, but it was the cosmos playing some role.

However, planning for a holiday is always a headache for me as I never want to leave Smooch behind. I can understand the problems that pet lovers like myself have to face, the troubles we have to go to find the holiday destination worthy of our pets.

When planning to go on Morocco holidays I had to ensure certain aspects, obviously, to the fact that whether tourists are allowed to bring along pets and what could be the proper mode of accommodation. What could be the precautions and need to know rules are there to follow.

So making up a prior list of actions and know-how about the rules and regulations is quite necessary at this point.

Pet’s Identification

Did you know it’s necessary for a pet to have its own passport? Well even if in old days’ procedures were quite a tad bit different but it’s the new THING now.

Coming from a European country will leave you to the aspect that your pet (cat/dog) will require a European passport as well.

Besides the requirement of the passport, make sure that your pet is in good health. The procedure officers are quite enough about the variations in pet moral policy. So you have to bring a clean bill of health in order for your pet to travel along with you. Pet insurance is also a thing to consider, because you want to be prepared for any unexpected scenarios. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Bivvy for more information.


Prior to traveling make sure that your pet has been given a vaccine shot, before, 30 days of traveling to Morocco.

Rabies is common, and a clean bill of medical reports is a must to get access to pet authorization by the state and make sure that any additional vaccination is also attended to just in case, besides the regular checkup. A licensed veterinarian needs to issue a certificate for your pet as a jail free card (only kidding).

The certificate needs to be attested according to the requirement of the country.

Paper Work

Remember all the paperwork you have to go through in order to actually be able to do traveling? The same goes for your pet too.

I know paperwork can be drastic measures but it’s a necessary one. Getting your pet microchipped is a safety measure that will help you regulate the tracking of your animal. You can cover it in additional information and you need to pay extra for it as well.

Besides the legal fee of filing the documents and making sure the traveling requirements are completed you need to make sure to recheck all the necessary details before submitting it.

Planning the Holiday Destination

In Morocco, you will find stray cats and dogs wherever possible, but that’s only because harming an animal is against the religious belief of Muslims. Besides, non-violent tactics are approached so that stray animals don’t fear the humans in return (which may trigger a reaction).

Larger cities like Rabat, Marrakech, Casablanca, Agadir, etc. are pet-friendly cities where you can take your pet with you and get in touch with pet-friendly hotels to accommodate your room services accordingly.

Animal care Facilitations

Traveling to Morocco can be a tough call if carrying a pet with you but make sure when choosing your perfect holiday destination, that those cities are entailed to the animal health care facilities too. Besides having the vaccination, you still shouldn’t take any risks for your sweet furry pet. Tangier, Rabat, and Casablanca have more health care services for pets than any other city.

Pet Trackers

It’s the world of technology and to feel safe and secure all you need is to get comfortable in using various apps. Tiring as it may sound there are some basic pet tracker apps that can prove to be really helpful in the entire journey from the airport to the hotel. And other public spaces as well.

As mentioned above, chip insertion is getting common day by day (besides the extra charge) it is helpful to be able to track all the vitals about your pet during traveling via the tracker app.

Take Care of Food

Dry food? Or fresh food?

What would you prefer? If going on a certain location where you are unsure of the availability of pet food, cans worth of few weeks can be carried in the luggage but with pet-friendly cities, you are bound to find fresh food, then go for it. Your pet needs a holiday break too.

Make a diet plan for your pet with the help of veterinarians before you leave that way you can keep a check and balance on the health and meal plan.

And if something feels amiss than you can possibly give a day or a few hours and then take your pet to the clinic.

Not so hard now was it? Your pet loves you undeniably (unless it’s a cat, which is supposed to be super temperamental) and they need a warm holiday getaway with their favorite person in the world.

Bring their favorite chew toy or a piece of clothing with your smell on it, pets, especially dogs, love the familiar scent of their favorite person in the world.

A pet is the only thing in the world that loves you more than it loves itself.

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