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7 Great Tools for International Marketing Localization
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7 Great Tools for International Marketing Localization

Establishing an international presence for your business will require you to dabble into translation and localization. Customers often prefer to interact with marketing content, blog posts, and social media ads in their languages rather than English.

Based on published reports, 60% of global consumers rarely or never buy from English-only websites, with 80% more likely to engage businesses with localized content. That’s why using reliable marketing content localization tools should be a top priority for your business going forward. Let’s discuss the tools you can use to localize content, as well as the perks of doing so.

Benefits of International Marketing Localization

Whether your business is in its infancy or you already have an established market presence, localization can help your inbound marketing efforts generate more leads. Once you translate your content into globally-used languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, and French, your potential customer pool will increase dramatically. Here’s what you can look forward to thanks to international marketing localization:

  • Gain international customer loyalty
  • Improve your brand image in B2C and B2B
  • Improve your website’s SEO and SERP ranking
  • Make influencer and brand cooperation easier
  • Increase your ROI and generate sales

Tools for International Marketing Localization

  1. Joomla

Joomla is a popular CMS platform similar to WordPress in its functionality and application. What makes Joomla different is that it supports a wide range of translation tools out of the box. Just like WordPress, Joomla has its dedicated developer community which is constantly working on new plugins for localization. Joomla is very easy to install and learn about through its tutorial database, so you don’t need to be an IT specialist to use it.

  1. Phrase

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Phrase, an API solution designed for developers who intend to manage their website or software localization. The phrase is extremely versatile and can easily be integrated into dozens of different programming languages and software solutions. It comes packed with a variety of translation features that will make your localization process consistent and easier to manage. You can use localization translation services in addition to this to double-check that your marketing content and writing are localized properly by a professional translator.

  1. Wordbee

If you’re looking for a marketing content translation solution with a dedicated QA team behind the scenes, look no further. Wordbee is a cloud-based localization platform with an end-to-end content management system. You can use it for accounting and invoicing as well if you want to provide clients with localization services. Wordbee considers context and social lingo when localizing content, making it great for B2C-centric translation.

  1. LingoHub

LingoHub is a translation platform that you can use to both write and localize content at the same time. Its native algorithm is designed to quickly detect changes made to the existing text and to inform you on how to proceed with the localization. LingoHub is very easy to use and is teamwork-friendly, meaning that you can invite other people to partake in your marketing localization effortlessly.

  1. Crowdin

Crowdin is another API solution for localization that is designed for agile marketing teams. It supports over 40 file formats and can be fully utilized through its cloud-based UI – no installation is required. You can quickly and easily manage your text on different websites, emails, blog posts, and other content types via Crowdin. It features extensive remote options which means you can collaborate on localization projects with colleagues from abroad.

  1. Localize

Localize is a translation management system that is used by several prolific brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Hyundai for marketing localization. What it does is allow remote teams to work together on project-based translation tasks with progress bars, tracking, and KPIs. Localize is a platform designed with streamlined and sped-up translation in mind, eliminating any unnecessary activities or distractions from the equation. Its native integration with Adobe XD and Sketch means that you will be able to use it to localize your website and/or mobile app easily.

  1. Sitecore

While Sitecore is a CMS like Joomla and WordPress, its role is to improve CX rather than enable administrators to manage a website from the back-end. Sitecore has perfectly suited to power your marketing localization efforts thanks to its focus on customers’ experience. It features out-of-the-box native support for various translation plugins and tools. Sitecore will not only improve your brand’s online presence but also make localization easier than before.

In Summary

Localizing your marketing content isn’t just another box to tick off. It can improve your business’ performance with overseas clients and customers while also improving your brand’s public perception. Consider using the tools we’ve outlined to expand your international marketing efforts through localization – the results will speak for themselves.

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