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7 Practical Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

7 Practical Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence 

When people fall short of knowledge, confidence or self-esteem, they feel powerless and are bullied everywhere. They always wait for those super-powers to inculcate within and do wonders for them. People think of improving their Physical, Social, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual intelligence however none of them evolves overnight. You need to practice, be focused and learn the ways to develop Emotional Intelligence.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) also called Emotional Quotient or EQ) is the capacity to get, use, and deal with your own feelings in good manners to convey viably, mitigate pressure, defeated difficulties, understand others, and defuse struggle. Emotional Intelligence encourages you to fabricate more rooted connections, at school and work, and accomplish your individual and profession objectives. It can likewise assist you with associating with your sentiments, transform goal energetically, and settle on educated choices about what makes a difference most to you.

Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness – You perceive your own feelings and how they influence your considerations and code of ethical conduct. You know your strengths and faintness and possess self-assurance.

Self-Management – You’re ready to control your reckless sentiments and practices, deal with your feelings in steady ways, take initiatives, finish on deadlines, and adjust to evolving situations.

Managing Relationship – You realize how to create and keep up great connections, convey clearly, motivate and influence people, function Work perfectly in a group, and oversee struggles.

Social Awareness – You empathize people in need. You can comprehend the feelings, other’s emotions, needs, and qualms of others get on passionate signs, feel great socially, and perceive the force elements in your society or workplace.

Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Most of the times your friends, mentor or your family members work significantly in evolving your Emotional Intelligence. Here are a few practices that you can start following to win hearts and achieve new heights at your workplace.

1.Rejuvenate Self-Awareness

To develop Emotional Intelligence, it is better to look into your soul and analyse your skills. If you identify shortcoming, it is important to polish and outshine your skills. If you encounter grave situations, take a deep breath and practice calmsage therapy to give it time to understand and come up with solutions. Pay attention to how you behave in different situations.

Know yourself while analysing your strengths and weaknesses. Your behaviour can calm or fire up a situation depending on how you see to it. You are responsible for your feelings and the way you behave. React or respond is your outlook to handle a situation. Create a positive environment around yourself and measure your self-awareness on a regular basis.

2.Respect Every Individual

While working with your colleagues, respect all and not just your bosses. You may have a few leaders above you who can enlighten your intelligence once a while however have multiple colleagues or subordinates who can bring in a lot of difference in your Emotional Intelligence. Your thoughts become your hobby and your hobbies become your habit that changes your attitude towards others. Encourage positiveness around yourself while developing Emotional Intelligence.

3.Respond Instead of Reacting

Practice staying calm during tough times instead of reacting or out bursting on conflicting situations. If you make impulsive decisions during stressful circumstances, you may end up falling into bigger problems. The only goal to a conversation is to bring in resolution instead of winning the conversation. If your words and actions are in alignment with each other, and you take a wise decision with a calm mind, you will surely attain resolution while practising Emotional Intelligence.

4.Practice Self-Motivation

Being motivated is very important at work or while accomplishing any goal. Your positive attitude attracts people and success. No matter how high your goals are, if you can dream it, work on it, you can achieve it. Read motivational quotes, listen to motivation podcasts, watch motivational movies or go through biography of successful people. Figure out what’s similar in you and them and start adopting what they did to become successful.

5.Be an Active Listener

An active listener practice Emotional Intelligence by listening to other people rather than waiting for their turn to put forward their point. If you understand the gravity of the situation, you may come up with a more intelligent solution to a problem. If you do not pay attention or show respect to the speaker, you may sound robotic and provide misleading or falsifying information. Always believe what you see, not what you hear! You may have heard of Chinese Whisper, that makes everything worse.

6.Welcome Critique and Feedback

To develop Emotional Intelligence, it is important to invite Feedback and Critique for whatever you do or however you do it. When someone criticizes your work, it is important to take it positively. Don’t get offended, block yourself or get defensive. Behave like an intelligent communicator and understand the critique, take your own time to gauge or analyse if it is going to help you improve your performance or constructively resolve an issue.

7.Be Social Without Barriers

Emotionally Intelligent people are more approachable and practice socializing. Their presence is always positive and welcomed everywhere. They are party starter and possess great interpersonal skills that are loved by everyone. Understand basic human psychology and be as empathetic as possible. If you are self-aware and demonstrate self-confidence, you attain a lot of love and fan-following from people.

Summing Up

Attaining Emotional Intelligence is a lifetime process. You need to practice positiveness every day to stay focused, motivated, and aware of the depth in and out. Develop Emotional Intelligence practices and the more you read about the character of successful people, you will enlighten your self-motivational skills and gradually attain Emotional Intelligence.

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