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7 Most Stunning Restaurant Interior Design in UAE

There’s no shortage of places like cafes and restaurants to visit. Each with a unique elemental cafe interior design and themes has people going crazy not for food but to have a luxurious experience. 

A restaurant’s design is a reflection of its branding and vision. In the food and beverage industry, it’s not only about the food but high-concept dining is an unavoidable factor. Interior design is the first thing that comes into sight Since the interior game is on, we are more than happy to oblige and prepare a list of the top stunning high-concept dining you will love to get a glimpse of. 


 The decor and architecture is the depiction of an old Parisian apartment. Color splash with the blue velvet chairs and art deco mantels give a vibrant feel to the ambiance. In a short period, Bagatellehas become one of the hotspots in Dubai for their Parisian vibe and french-inspired menu.  Partying too late into the night or enjoying a lovely atmosphere, this place will not disappoint you. 


Interior design companies in Dubai have outranked their perfection in the shape of Amazonico. If you want a glimpse of lush and tropical fantasia then Amazaonico restaurant interior design in Dubai will make it true for you.  So if you want to experience a full experience to the likes of Brazilian food and amazon vibe, visit the place. 

Avli by Tashas 

So whether you want to enjoy a blend of cosmos or greek food, Avli will intrigue you. You will enjoy the domed ceiling above too. 


A New Yorker will enjoy the likes of Indochine. Since its opening in 1984, the brand new venue in Dubia brought with it the timelessness combined with the stunning ambiance and intimate dinners where large groups can freely enjoy their meals. 

 The cafe interior design in Indochine is a reminder of Vietnamese-inspired roots. A Wall of Fame also features popular patrons from the NY branch to the original marque. You can enjoy sitting in the outdoor area or dine in a private dining room or even a lounge. To have an unimaginable night dining and laughing Indochine will become your favorite place to visit. 

Lima Dubai 

To enjoy a colorful and vibrant atmosphere in Dubai, take a look inside the Lima Dubai taking Peruvian cuisine to the next level of elegance.

 Besides the artfully curated furniture, warm and earthly tones and walls of murals are stunning. The Peruvian-inspired home accessories. 


If you translate this Sanskrit word into English it would translate roughly as “fun”. The location itself translates the meaning of the cafe as the beachfront destination La Mer, offering a modern menu with Indian dishes. The interior is colorfully designed.

The lai-bac interior vibes aiding the sunset and lively patterns are what make this place one of the most enjoyable cafes in Dubai.  The Seaview is the major highlight of this restaurant and hence the choice of decor and menu explains a lot. 


The white-washed walls and the bright blue windows with the touch of searing pink Boungainillaea dangling from the ceiling give the vernacular look to the place. 

Just sitting on one of the tables is like experiencing a mirage of Aegean islands in their perfection. So for a Greek-inspired look, Opa is a fine dining experience you need to have. 


So what do you think of our famous cafe interior design in Dubai? Now after getting to know this, it won’t be surprising at all if you find some cool places to hang out on your own. The Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai that provide excellent designs, hence the restauranteur business keeps growing and probably will continue to do so. If you can infuse the excellent interior decor and the great food service, your cafe or restaurant will rock the neighborhood!