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8 Functional Kitchen Makeover Ideas

8 Functional Kitchen Makeover Ideas
  • PublishedSeptember 5, 2022

The kitchen is the heart of your home and the most functional room in the house. We don’t just cook in the kitchen, but the kitchen (attached to dining) becomes a space where we host parties and have intense family conversations. Sometimes many discussions and life-changing decisions are taken at the kitchen countertop. However, enhancing the functionality of the kitchen is a prerequisite when it comes to remodeling and renovation.

Your kitchen has seen everything from rushed breakfasts before rushing out to a cup of coffee with your loved one and cocktail parties with your friends. It becomes much easier to organize parties when your kitchen is adequately managed. A kitchen should be stylish and presentable yet exclusively functional.

If the saying that the way to your heart is through the tummy, then the kitchen becomes your sacred space. You whip up amazing recipes there, and it becomes your place of love and solace. The kitchen dares you to pay attention to the style of the house and elevates the house’s structure.

Things To Consider While Remodeling The Kitchen:

  1. Add a corner drawer with pull-out shelves. This could be a magic corner where you can set up all your appliances and utensils that you use seldomly. The drawers with nifty storage solutions can help you organize your bulky devices and add to your kitchen’s storage facilities. These are intelligent storage solutions that you can use when you get your kitchen remodeled. Make sure that you select the best quality drawers and mainly their hinges because when hinges get spoilt, the drawers are of no use. Get your hinges from specialized cabinet hinge companies
    , and ensure the durability of your drawers.
  2. Add a kitchen island. A kitchen island can significantly impact your overall kitchen floor plan. The countertops and slabs are beneficial, but the kitchen island can widen the space in your kitchen. This will also change the layout of your kitchen. An open kitchen is more practical, and if it’s attached to your dining area, you can still work in the kitchen and catch up with the guests while doing your work. The kitchen island gives you more space to lay out a buffet. You can add designer chairs from
    near your kitchen island and make it a smaller dining area for quick breakfasts and evening meals.
  3. Use bold cabinet designs. Your kitchen can look unorganized without proper cabinet designs. Cabinets can be statement pieces in your kitchen and make a bold statement. Whether lower or upper cabinets, more daring colors like black, gray, brown, etc., with gold or silver accessories, can add to the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.
  4. Add proper lighting solutions to the kitchen. Use Led lights and RGB led strips to add a touch of warmth to your kitchen. Renovating your kitchen can be a daunting job, but you do not have to be worried about getting it remodeled from scratch. You can touch up your kitchen by changing, adding, or subtracting some elements. Lighting can change the look of your kitchen. Go to LED lamp suppliers
    and look at the variety of available lamps and lights and choose your lighting wisely.
  5. Organize your garbage and garbage bags. Dedicate a separate pull-out drawer for garbage and garbage solutions. Use a fixed bin inside your drawer and make a slab partition in your drawer for keeping garbage bags. Change your garbage bags daily, and keep the kitchen free from litter. Using a separate drawer with a fixed bin will keep your kitchen clean.
  6. Move out of the typical thought of cabinets and use creative storage solutions; e.g. walls with wooden slabs or shelves can look aesthetic and provide extra storage facilities for your appliances and kitchen goods. You can make an open pantry and store your groceries in glass containers. Add some wooden planters to these shelves and decorate your kitchen naturally while efficiently using the space.
  7. When renovating, try adding a quirky backsplash on one of your kitchen walls. You can use different kitchen tiles to make a patterned wall, or you can waterproof PVC sheets. Avoid using wallpaper in the kitchen as it can get dirty very quickly. Choose brighter colors in neutral patterns or bold patterns in neutral colors. Contrast the wall with the overall vibe of your kitchen. You can also make a solid-colored wall and differentiate it from the others.
  8. Install fixed appliances made of stainless steel. Stainless steel gives a classier finish to the kitchen and makes it look modern and contemporary. Installing fixed appliances can help you save up on space, time, effort, and money, making your kitchen work more accessible and smooth. When a designated area is dedicated to an appliance, you do not have to worry about using it and storing it. Machines could be fixed in pull-out drawers or left open on the kitchen countertop, given that they are neatly arranged.

These are some remodeling solutions you can follow for renovating your kitchen. These can add to your functionality and make your working in the kitchen fun and smooth. While renovating, consider functional renovation more than aesthetics, as it will help you when you have to stand for long hours in the kitchen.

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