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9 Filipino films and series to stream on Netflix

9 Filipino films and series to stream on Netflix
  • PublishedDecember 14, 2022

A good number of K’s dramas are simulcast on television and Netflix, giving fans around the world access to new shows in real time! Recently, local dramas have followed the trend, starting with Keith Neal’s upcoming teleserye. ICYDK, 2 Good 2 Be True will air on Netflix, a first for Philippine television! Remember that there will be an exclusive 72-hour window on the platform before the episodes hit our TVs. While you wait for the show to release, you might want to check out the other telecasts available on Netflix!

1. Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin (Law of Vengeance)

The drama tells the story of two best friends from different worlds. Alice is the daughter of a wealthy businessman, while Marissa and her mother work for Alice’s family at Villa Sandoza. Their relationship changes forever one night when Alice kills a politician’s son during a rape attempt. Marissa accuses her best friend of being upset and is imprisoned. While Alice believes her father will help free Marisa, she flies abroad to learn more about the family business. However, Marissa is rotting in jail. Once she gets out, she plans her revenge, determined to take away what Alice had.

2. Bagong Umaga (New Beginning)

Filipinos love the classic child-switching trope. But have you ever seen one with four kids change in one night? After being denied treatment at Buencorazón Hospital, Diana loses her newborn child. She is determined to take revenge for her child from the owners of the hospital, the Veradonas. To do this, Diana switches to Joanna Magbanua and Catherine Veradona. But she doesn’t stop there and changes two more: Rafael Florentino and Eduardo Ponce. Now, the Magbanuas, Veradonas, and Florentinos try to navigate life after learning their children’s true identities.

3. Dolce Amore

LizQuen plays Serena and Tenten, two childhood pen pals. Serena is a beautiful woman who is adopted by a wealthy Italian family. She flees to the Philippines after learning of her arranged marriage to her best friend Gian Carlo. However, she always wants to visit the country thanks to stories from her father, nanny, and a pen pal who lives in the country. While wandering around, she soon meets Tenten, a boy living in Tondo who works an unconventional job for his adopted family. They eventually fall in love, but their differences prove to be an obstacle to their relationship

4. Pangako Sa Yo (Promise)

Presented as the first ever teleserye, Pangako Sa’yo is one of the greatest love stories ever told in Philippine television. The new generation is able to watch this classic story with KathNiel playing the modern Yna and Angelo. The show tells the story of Yna Macaspac, a hard-working girl from a poor family who falls in love with Angelo Buenavista, a wealthy heir to a hacienda. Unbeknownst to them, the lives of Ina and Angelo had been entangled years earlier with the pasts of Amor, Eduardo and Claudia.

5. General’s daughter

All his life, Ryan Bonifacio has been trained by his own father, Lieutenant General Santiago “Henral Tiago” Guerrero, as a weapon to take revenge on his father’s enemy, Marshal de León. Unbeknownst to Ryan, however, the latter is actually her real father. When he finally learns the truth, Ryan finds himself struggling between his adopted family and his true identity.

6. Walang Hang Gong Palam (Irreplaceable)

The crime drama series centers on Eman and Celine, a once-estranged couple who are forced to reunite to find their kidnapped child. In the process, they discover rekindled romance, betrayal and evil.

7. Taking La Vida

While the trope of the ugly duckling transformation has been used repeatedly in teleseryes, La Vida Lina adds spice to it by adding revenge. Magda, who has a large scar on her face, works hard for her family despite being discriminated against by others. She makes a soap that quickly becomes popular in the town. This threatens the Narciso family, owners of a surgical and cosmetic company called Royal Wellness. She gradually loses everything.

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