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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the strategic leadership style?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the strategic leadership style?
  • PublishedOctober 21, 2020

Strategic leaders are acknowledged for their creative thinking and implementing strategies ahead of putting into some real efforts and preparing for succession. When companies are struggling with issues, then they hire strategic leaders to stabilize their companies and to streamline their business operations. The contemporary workplace has a key issue with strategy implementation and leadership succession. Once after the current workers retire, there is a dire need of training the next batch of leaders to take over the operations and hence organizations are not ready to meet leadership needs. 

Advantages of the strategic leadership styles:

· Encourages objective thinking: Leadership is sometimes caught up in day-to-day activities in large organizations. They are hired to make senior administration acknowledge the synchronization between the daily operations and the future scope of it. Strategic leaders manage all this process. 

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·Creating a Framework for Strategic Decisions: For every employee to be aware of every single objective in an organization, strategic leaders install a strategic model to consider every decision before making any commitments. 

·Supports Unity: Strategic leaders inspire and boost the concept of unison among the team members as it is indispensable to the overall development of a business establishment. They try to bind all the departments by encouraging collaborations to let individuals understand their commitment and recognition of the common goal. 

·Build Commitment: Great leadership demands expertise in managing and convincing employees to take on certain traits but this can only happen through positive counseling. Strategic leaders exemplify a commitment to business objectives by being dedicated to the company.

·More Clarity to Tasks: When things are more clear, the chances of their success increases drastically. There are several instances when employees do not understand the significance of a process leading to delays. Strategic leaders take this as a challenge and try to effectively communicate the importance of particular operations how it relates to the overall goals. 

Disadvantages of the strategic leadership styles:

The future does not always happen as anticipated: It is impossible to predict the future but the strategic leaders are always attempting to predict the future while ignoring the possible outcomes. Strategic leaders care about the impact of policies and strategies on the future forget to address the current problems within the company. 

Flexibility is at times difficult: Some strategic leaders might be adaptable but their framework could be an issue. Strategic planning is important as it can adversely affect the operations of an organization, so it is implemented in a way not to distract people focusing on different subject areas while dissolving the issue.

Potential Expense: Implementing a strategic plan is in itself a risk. If something doesn’t work in a planned way, it could mean the cancellation of the project, layoffs, and in some cases might lead to the eradication of the whole department. 

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