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Airsoft Night Games

Airsoft weapons appeared in Japan in the 1970s under the brand name “soft air guns” – “soft air guns”. They ran on a freon-silicone gas mixture, which was later replaced by propane-silicone gas, known to us as “Green Gas”, which was weaker than carbon dioxide CO2. The pistols fired plastic pellets and were intended for recreational shooting enthusiasts. Due to the severe restrictions of Japanese gun laws, this was one of the few ways to have a gun, let alone shoot one. In the future, “soft pneumatics” at the turn of the 1980s – 1990s came to the UK, where it began to be used as a game weapon. Currently, Airsoft, as a hobby and leisure time, is widely distributed throughout the world, and airsoft equipment is used, among other things, for the training of military personnel and law enforcement officers. Night games using tracer balls are a separate world in airsoft.

Such games are fundamentally different from games during the day, as visibility drops to zero, and in these conditions you need to not only shoot someone, but also move to complete the game task. With the development of airsoft games, the use of green tracer balls and sources of their illumination became normal conditions for participation in them. Tracer balls are balls of the same diameter of 6 mm, but containing fluorescent paint, which, when a light source hits, takes it on itself and the ball begins to glow. Like ordinary balls, they come in different manufacturers and different weights. Airsoft itself is a military-tactical game in which, for the most part, replicas of real equipment and weapons are used. Most often, this game is played among teams distinguished by the type of camouflage and equipment. This is a game in which, unlike Paintball, no traces of hits are visible, so Airsoft is a game of honesty.

Main rules of airsoft

Of course, like any other game, airsoft has its own basic rules. We have tried to highlight the main rules of this exciting game. In addition, below we list only the most basic provisions: As a “weapon” is used “soft pneumatics” shooting plastic balls 6 mm or 8 mm with a shot energy of not more than 3 J, as well as pyrotechnics and “cold weapons” made of rubber. Be sure to have glasses of the appropriate level of protection that can withstand a point-blank hit from a “weapon” with the maximum initial speed of the ball. Goggles are not allowed to be removed anywhere in the range. The game is played with fairness. The player who was hit by a ball, next to which a grenade exploded, or who was hit by a “cold weapon” must independently recognize the hit and designate himself “dead”.

Then he must go to a specially designated place – the starting point. Participants must show respect for each other, which is manifested in following the rules and avoiding conflicts and disputes. The game is played according to a pre-agreed scenario and rules. Only adults aged 18 and over are allowed to participate. Participation of persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. A military uniform or similar camouflage suit is required. Frankly civilian equipment is not allowed. In addition, of course, the use of hand-to-hand combat elements is prohibited.

Rules of airsoft night games

In airsoft, of course, there is also a certain tactic of the game. Airsoft is a fairly diverse type of outdoor activity, both in terms of the widest choice of airsoft equipment – night vision devices are used, including night vision goggles, so and in terms of game action regarding locations, scenarios, and even time. So, sometimes night competitions are practiced, which have their own characteristics that you should know about to improve the quality of games. At night, so to speak, all airsoft players are in more or less the same position. Therefore, such an indicator as the initial speed of an airsoft weapon does not play a big role, because. more often contact occurs at a distance of up to 10 meters, as well as, for obvious reasons, the presence of such lotions as optics (all types of night vision devices). As for the tactical actions of the player, here, as always, everything depends on your position. In defense, the most important is the control of the most suitable areas for the passage of the enemy.

Never let the attacking team get close. If you know the area to be defended, plan how the opponent can move, from what approaches you can expect a breakthrough, and how to counteract here. Mindfulness is very important here, but do not forget that the action takes place at night, which means that the defense needs to be constantly replaced. After one and a half to two hours, the acuity of hearing and the reaction are significantly dulled at best, at worst, the fighter turns off altogether. On the other hand, you must also remember the maximum secrecy. The minimum amount of noise and unnecessary activities like smoking will increase your chances of success.

The last action, by the way, can give you away both by the smell and the reflections of the coal. Therefore, smoking is a very bad idea in the airsoft process. As for the attack, stealth indicators are no less important here. Perhaps this is the main thing that can save you. If the side of the defense is not moving, has taken up convenient positions and even assumes the path of your movement, then the attack is able to make noise, clumsily position itself in the area of action, and not get close enough. The main tips for this case: you need to move as quietly as possible, constantly keep in touch with the rest of the team (walkie-talkie to help).

If you fall into an ambush, in this case, at least, perhaps, you will have time to report where you were “caught”. Good advice from the pros is to split up, that is, move in threes or in pairs. At eye contact distance. Otherwise, the crowd can be detected and eliminated in record time. When approaching the defensive territory, plan your actions. When attacking, it is also very important to do some reconnaissance and at least guess where the opponent is, and not move around the playing area at random. In addition, of course, flashlights will help you, both for the attack side and for defense. A powerful means of identifying an opponent and the ability to leave yourself in the shadows. However, remember that they should be used only at the time of fire contact. Otherwise, you simply expose yourself to an opponent.

The opinion is erroneous that at night it is easier to approach the enemy, to be unnoticed and to hide. In practice, it turns out the opposite, since at night, the players’ hearing gradually worsens and any careless movement can give out the location of the enemy. It is precisely the exact movement that fans of the night airsoft game put in the foreground. Steps should be taken slowly, without taking your feet off the ground. In airsoft at night, running is not appropriate, the exception is instant dashes in open space. Experienced fighters do not advise relying on flashlights during a night game, because they adapt to the dark from the eye. Consequently, the participants adapt to the unusual circumstances of the game and begin to navigate the terrain in the dark. Beginning airsoft players will not find it easy to take part in fights at night, so they are advised to stick with more experienced participants.

Difference between airsoft night games and ordinary games

It is obvious that the most important difference between the night strikeball and other games is that the game is played at night. Night vision devices are an airsoft player’s best friend. In night airsoft, with the exception of the senses, airsoft players use different devices to simplify orientation in the dark. These can be night vision binoculars with a laser rangefinder, thermal imagers, night vision devices and much more. You can also take a thermos of tea with you to the game, but this will be an additional weight. But let’s pay attention first to the usual lantern. Yes, not everyone has money for night vision devices, so to navigate at night you need to have a flashlight. By the way, this is not just a gadget that illuminates the path, but also a weapon against the same night vision devices. It is enough to direct the flashlight beam at the enemy with night vision devices, as he will be immediately disoriented. If you follow the airsoft rules, then you should use lights with a power of up to 400 Lm.

Now let’s go directly to night vision devices: Monocular. This device allows you to see not only in the dark, but also to use the second eye for peripheral vision, which is very convenient in combat conditions. When using this device, eye protection is necessary in any case, and this narrows the field of view. Night vision goggles or binoculars. This is the most advanced and technically sophisticated night vision device. The device is equipped with full-fledged image intensifier tubes, and two eyepieces make it possible to see a more detailed picture of what is happening, unlike a monocular. Pseudo binocular. One of the most common and simple night vision devices that uses both eyes and at the same time uses only one optical channel. Sometimes the device can be used without glasses. In general, the pseudobinocular gives a flat picture, much worse than the binocular. There is no need to take a long-range drive for a night game, since in the dark all types of weapons are equalized.


Passion for night airsoft raises the degree of stability, helps to become stronger mentally and physically, trains the senses, develops intuition and teaches you to navigate in the dark. These skills will help you not only on the battlefield, but also in everyday life.