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Is There any Alternative Product of Non-Biodegradable or Eco Friendly Packaging? 

Eco-friendly means something friendlier and healthier to the environment. When it comes to packaging solutions, there is nothing more beneficial for the habitat than eco-friendly boxes. These boxes are precisely manufactured with the help of materials that are not hazardous and are either obtained through the recycling of wasted products or from sources that are abundant and not harmful to the habitat. Reusable packaging providers make sure to use only the finest and carefully recycled materials to manufacture these boxes to make sure that they give out a premium outlook despite being made from reused materials. They can be embellished and given enhanced visuals with the help of customization and dynamic printing. The fact that they are made from already used materials does not mean that they lack in finesse or attraction. Being recycled only adds to their charm and appeal since customers prefer to buy things that are friendlier to the environment.

eco-friendly Packaging

Almost everywhere we see around us. We find plastics. In products, their Packaging, in building materials, and what not? One may seem to wonder where we can cut down on this material to make things a little better for the environment. The most likely answer to this is the Packaging. The Packaging is probably that one area of life where advancements have been made to the extent that plastics can be eradicated completely. To justify this claim, we have a whole category of Eco-friendly boxes to mention. Let us see some of the most salient types of these boxes that have established themselves as the most healthy substitutes of non-biodegradable objects.

Sealed Air Peanuts:

Many of us are still unaware of the fact that the United States of America has put a ban on the usage of Styrofoam. This material was excessively used for giving extra protection to the fragile products or simply adding an extra cushion or support to electronic and pottery items. Reusable Packaging Providers have stepped up their game and brought in these fantastic air-filled peanuts that offer the same benefits as those taken from Styrofoam but in an eco-friendly way. We can say that out of many Environment-Friendly Packaging Solutions, air sealed peanuts are probably the most innovative and an answer to one of the most worrisome concerns of the habitat conservators, which was how to eliminate Styrofoam usage without compromising on the product security and protection.

Natural or plant-based plastics.

So we all have to agree on one thing that despite being harmful and repulsive and hazardous and all, plastic does provide one of the most strength packages. To counter these Environment-Friendly Boxes, Companies have come up with plastics that are obtained from natural resources, that is, plants. Such bioplastics are derived from several sources, the most prominent one being corn that is broken down into polylactic acid. It is one of the greenest Packaging since it comes into existence after the reuse of materials wasted after the corn production. Mushroom roots are also being used for the same purpose. We are also witnessing bagasse, which is derived through sugarcane processing. Its stickiness makes it easy to mold it into Packaging, which is best for food packaging. It serves in the same way as Polystyrene but is very safe for the environment and completely non-hazardous.

Fiber Cloth:

The highest amount of plastic that is consumed in a day all around the world is in the form of plastic bags. Fiber cloth has eliminated this problem to the maximum if not wholly. This innovative form of Eco-Packaging offers premium quality bags that are not only the best alternative to plastic carriers, but they also provide premium reusable bags. They are economical and sustainable, and they are also water-resistant to some extent, which makes them applicable for the carriage of liquid items as well. This material is made from organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo. This material can also be used for the making of children’s toys and other household items.

Kraft packaging:

When we talk about Custom Eco-Friendly BoxesPackaging made of kraft is the 1st thing that comes into our mind. Kraft is a material that is derived from the process of pulping. It is unbleached, which makes it highly sustainable and robust. We can see some of the most compelling and unparalleled examples of Custom Eco-Friendly Packaging Boxes that are made from this ever so beneficial material. They are cost-effective and readily available. The fact that they are made from a material that takes up no natural resources for their build-up makes them a highly preferred packaging option. They are the most popularly consumed Biodegradable Boxes in the USA

Corrugated bubble wraps:

Who does not love to pop bubble wraps? They are a fun thing to play with, a perfect addition to the safety measures of a packaged product and extremely Dangerous! Yes, you heard that right. Being made out of plastic, these wraps are hazardous and not friendly to mother earth. However, an alternative for them has also been introduced to add to the advantages of Sustainable Packaging, which is corrugated sheets tuned up to form the shape of a bubbled wrap. These wraps can be conveniently obtained from any of the Sustainable Packaging Wholesale dealers in bulk since being bulk dealers. They do have abundant amounts of stock that can be reused at equally minimal rates.

New and improved Eco-Friendly Boxes Designs are being regularly introduced in the market to counter-attack the savage use of materials that are nothing but poison to the habitat that we live in. If we do have the wish in heart to pass on a better and healthier environment to our upcoming generations, then opting for these Custom Printed Eco-Friendly Boxesis a must and should be the priority of every concerned consumer.

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