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Amazingly Beautiful DIY Rakhi Gifts for Brothers to Win Their Hearts

Rakhi is celebrated in our country to value the connection between the siblings where the brother promises to protect his sister for his entire life. At the same time, we consider getting gifts from our brothers yearly. We should change it for once. Why follow old trends, and why not work on something for your brother this Rakhi? Giving you quick and simple DIY ideas for Rakhi gifts for brother.

Make A Card

Indeed. The never-ending love for DIY cards will constantly be one of the most incredible ideas for handmade rakhi gifts. You can make an easy rakhi card with the messages you wish to pass on, a personal poem, or even compose little stories from the times you and your brother have spent together. You could also set up a photograph card or a handcrafted pop-up card. Just learn about the simple methods for making a DIY rakhi card for your brother and get everything rolling!

Make A Wall Hanging

There are numerous imaginative and special hangings that you can make yourself! You could go for making a wall tapestry with cardboard and a lot of reused materials like toothpicks, frozen yogurt sticks, glass, mirrors, etc., or you could likewise line up a hanging! Put your weaving abilities at work and stitch up a lovely handmade hanging as the best rakhi gift for brother.

DIY Bracelet 

You can likewise make a handmade bracelet for your brother. It will be a great present for your brother, and he will acknowledge the work that you have accomplished in making a wristband for him. You can make a bracelet with beads that have dabs of different forms and lengths. You can make a plaited bracelet for your brother and twist them with a dazzling thread. Make sure that you remember his type while creating the bracelet for your brother. He will love this magnificent present you have made and will be astonished after noticing all the work.

Card Holders

While not a gift, the card holders add excellent finishing detail to a handcrafted gift. They likewise work admirably when you need to add a unique touch to a locally purchased gift, and you can make an entire pack of them prepare within reach for the following time you’re presenting a rakhi gift.

Coffee Mug

If coffee or tea is his happy drink, a mug is most likely the best rakhi gift idea for brother. He might have a lot of coffee mugs in his assortment, yet the one handcrafted by you would have an exceptional place in the assortment and his heart.

Photo Frame

Siblinghood is all about making awesome memories with one another. Raksha Bandhan permits you to experience those memories once more. This year, give a handmade photograph frame- one of the hand-tailored gifts for brother on Raksha Bandhan that will embellish the wall of his room and heart with delightful recollections until the end.


Making a post on Instagram or Snapchat is great; however, in this time of digital media, where each new picture is only a tick away, safeguarding these certain moments in printed versions makes for an extremely personal gift. Make a lovely and unique scrapbook that you and your brother would treasure for your life to come!

Personalized Night Lamps

Is your brother insanely engaged in any fandom? Whether he is a Potterhead or a Marvel Fan, get them one of these personalized night lamps that would hang in their room gladly, and we guarantee you that they will be grateful for it for a long time. They are combined with wood with remote-controlled lights and come in different illuminated color variations!

Mason Jar

Having a big brother is a gift. He is your hero, best friend, secret keeper, well-wisher, and many more characters that he plays for you. Furthermore, if you find it hard to communicate your affections, make a DIY rakhi gift for him.

Dreamcatcher with LED Lights

Dreamcatchers are perhaps the unique rakhi gifts for brother online that one can purchase. You can find many of these online and offline, yet what about when you wonder where to purchase a dreamcatcher with lights? Think about online sites next time you have that thought since they have a lovely handcrafted dreamcatcher with lights that will light up your brother’s room!