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An Easy Guide to Making Scented Candles at Home

Scented candles are a perfect item for adding a little warmth, light, and coziness to any place and corner. But the downside to using them is that they don’t last forever and can be pricey. Thankfully, you can make them yourselves, with a few supplies and a little bit of know-how and the best thing is that you have total control of what goes into making them.

If you’re sensitive to anything, say a particular fragrance, you can leave it out. If you want the air inside of your room to be clean, use soy wax. If you want the glass jar to be of a particular color, use it. Additionally, you can also control the size of the candle as per your wish. Customize it further by using essential oil to scent it – the variations are limited only by your imagination.

Although there are several different types of candles in the market, they all contain three major components: wax, wick, and a container.

Before you get started, we advise you to read the instructions given below:

  • Prep the area where you’re going to make the candles.
  • Cover the whole surface with a newspaper or paper bag.

You’ll need the following materials and equipment:

  • Wax
  • Wick
  • Small Glass Jars
  • Fragrance & Color
  • Pot
  • Thermometer
  • Measuring Cup
  • Hot Plate or Electric Stove
  • Skewers or Popsicle Sticks

Now that you have everything in hand, follow the below instructions to get started:

scented candle

Measure the Wax

Before you heat the wax, measure how much of it you would need to fill your container, then double it. Don’t forget to double the quantity. Otherwise, you will end up with more minor or more than required, and it would all go to waste. You can use a measuring cup to be sure.

Twice the quantity appropriate to fill your glass vessel is the appropriate amount of wax needed.

Heat the Wax

The next step is melting the wax, which you have to do so that no lumps are left behind. Begin by setting up the pot over a heat source, say an electric stove or a hot plate. Then add all the wax discussed in the previous step into the pot. Please turn on the stove and allow it to melt for 10 to 15 minutes.

Don’t forget to stir the liquid frequently to avoid building lumps and make sure the wax melts rightly and quickly. It is a vital step as it concerns the main ingredient contained in a candle.

Add Fragrance & Color

Adding fragrance or essential oils to the melted wax is a choice. It’s not like your candle-making process would be incomplete without it or might ruin it. But be sure to follow this step right after melting the wax because any later than that would be a futile attempt. We advise you to add color to the melted wax in the pot in this step only.

For learning how much of the wax you should use, follow the instructions given on the packet. You may also simply pour the fragrance oils or color into the melted wax and stir for a few seconds. While this step is optional, we highly recommend it for a lovely fragrance to light up your room.

making candle

Place the Wick

Take a small custom glass container of your preferred color and size. Clean it with a washcloth and let it sit dry for a few minutes. Ensure it is adequately cleaned because you cannot do that later when everything has been poured and placed.

Now take a wick of length exceeding the container and place it into it. If it is not attached, you can dip it in the melted wax then quickly stick it to the bottom of the container. Wait for five minutes for the wax to harden or if it fails to stick, use superglue.

You may either use a new vessel or an empty old candle container that was previously used up. It’s both economical and eco-friendly! You can get them from any gift or stationery shop nearby.

Pour the Wax

Instead of pouring the melted wax right into the container, let it sit for five minutes. Don’t worry; it won’t harden in a few minutes! Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the melted wax. When it reads 140 degrees, it means the time for pouring has arrived!

Slowly pour the wax into your preferred jar, and be sure to hold the wick while doing so. Please don’t hold it too hard but also don’t be too easy on it. You will know the proper strength needed when you actually get on to making a candle. We advise you to leave a small amount of wax in the pot for topping off your candle later.

Secure the Wick

Don’t relax just now because the wax is still liquid! You will need two chopsticks to prevent the wick from swaying in the melty wax. Place them across the top of the jar and sandwich the wick in between in such a manner that it stays centered while the wax hardens. It might take 4 hours to harden at room temperature.

Add the Remaining Wax

If your wax hardens with an unsightly top, you can simply reheat and add the remaining wax into it. Then let it harden for a few hours.

Cut the Wick

An ideal candle wick should be less than a half-inch long, so be sure to trim it. Also, if it flickers or has a tall flame, you’ll know that it needs trimming.

Final Words

Making scented candles at home is a fantastic way of making something valuable while relaxing your mind. You can also use them as a gift for your dear ones. We hope this content has helped you in learning how to make scented candles the right way.