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Are Ryzen 5 Gaming Laptops Good for Intense Gaming?

Are Ryzen 5 Gaming Laptops Good for Intense Gaming? 

From performance to graphical accuracy, certain factors matter a lot when it comes to choosing a gaming laptop. However, when it comes to power, you need something that can offer the boost needed for flawless work-ability.

There has been a lot of talk regarding which processor offers reliable performance. Within the choices, the Ryzen 5 gaming laptops are the most recommended. The reason is the unbounded performance offered by Ryzen 5 laptops that brings the best results. Let’s see what makes Ryzen 5 gaming laptops good for gaming. You can also check out Ryzen 5 gaming laptops UK here.

Speed and Value

When navigating between AMD Ryzen 5, one needs to consider Ryzen 5-3600, which is the most recommended processor based on its performance and value. With scalable Zen 2 architecture, this 7nm Hexa core chip allows to blend perfectly for speed that you can get at the best rates.

The 7nm process nodes bring higher clock speeds, which not only improves clock speed but offers power efficiency as well as improves memory compatibility too. Moreover, you also get a 15% increase in Instructions per Clock (IPC) that uplifts rendering performance. Even with AMD Ryzen 5 gaming laptops, one can easily compete with intel core i9 with a little margin-left. The performance gap gets mitigated, which is why the Ryzen 5 laptops come in handy.


A laptops processing chip needs to be taken care of in terms of heat generation. Ryzen 5 comes with a fix that allows to keep the processing chip cool. This is done with the use of Wraith Stealth. The Wraith Stealth is a slim stock cooler that offers 24% better cooling performance than its predecessor and surely works perfectly in keeping your CPU cool. You don’t have to worry about getting an additional function for cooling because the cooler support is enough.

Chipset Compatibility

AMD Ryzen’s chipsets were built with the concept of X570 chipset in mind. This allowed the motherboard to easily be installed even in a compact PC. Moreover, Ryzen’s chipsets come with the full backward compatibility with 400-series and 300-series motherboards, which makes it highly efficient. Though the X570 version comes with improvements; hence will not be compatible. However, picking a Ryzen 5 still becomes a cheaper and smarter motherboard choice that you can opt for.


The Ryzen 5 gaming laptops come with a 7nm chiplet. This chiplet houses dual four-core CCXs. This allows the system to have simultaneous multi-threading since all cores are used effectively. Moreover, there are additional 2 cores that are disabled making it an added total of 6 cores. With simultaneous work-ability, 12 threads get into workability increasing the overall performance. It helps in improving cache for the system, allowing L2 cache to reach 3MB, improved for better work-ability.

One of the considerable uplifts in the processing of AMD Ryzen 5-3600 is the integration of AM4 heat spreader. The cIOD chip acts as a bridge between AMD’s Infinite Fabric Interconnect. This combines non-core silicon, which offloads memory and automatically adjusts it to the fabric clock, increasing an upwards speed of 5000 MHz.


The Ryzen 5 series comes with unbounded performance. Even though it may have the power of processing equal to Ryzen 7 or 9 or intel i9 10900K, it still comes with a better average performance given the investment made on it. It offered spectacular results when tested for various games, including Far Cry New Dawn, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, F1 2019, etc. It dominated the competition with its peers, offering similar and even better performance for some tasks.

It was able to get better performance based on the multi threaded synthetic workloads. This happens due to the proving power of Zen 2 update within the core that improves work ability for both single and multi-cores. It also gained competitive uplift within the electrical department.

Ryzen 5 Gaming laptops To Choose

Now that we’ve seen how well Ryzen 5 processor is working, it’s time to see which Ryzen 5 gaming laptops can be chosen that prove proficient in every manner:

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

With AMD Ryzen 5, this gaming Ryzen gaming laptop is regarded as the best coming with 14” display screen. From appeal to uncompromised processing and extended battery life, the G14 provides superb gaming and working efficiency that is reliable in every way.

With 8GB RAM and 512GB PCIe SSD, you get the performance boost for un-compromised work-ability. Not to mention it features NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti that offers immersive graphical accuracy. Get the full review here.

Lenovo Legion 5

This is another amazing machine powered up by AMD Ryzen 5. It also comes with NVidia GeForce 1650 Ti dedicated GPU, 8GB RAM, and 512GB PCIe SSD. Apart from that, you get to enjoy the unlimited working performance because of AMD Ryzen 5 processing. Get the full review here.

Final Verdict

One of the many reasons why AMD Ryzen 5 gaming laptops are preferred is because of its superb performance that comes with cheaper investment. It offers a competitive gaming experience and provides the performance you need for getting things done. All this comes within the price bracket that Intel processors aren’t able to keep up.

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