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Artificial Grass in Dubai | Best one

Artificial Grass in Dubai is the most popular green solution available. This is because of several reasons, namely the cost-effectiveness, ease of maintenance, and its attractive features. With a range of options such as types of grasses, you can easily choose from synthetic turf, grasses composed of soil and sand or natural grass alternatives. Let us look at each type below:

Different Types of Artificial Grass in Dubai

 Nylon artificial grass in Dubai

Synthetic artificial grass Dubai has long been considered the best because of its durability, attractive appearance, and low maintenance requirement. Nylon is used both on the residential front and commercial front, particularly in Dubai. Where heat and moisture are major issues. Synthetic polyethylene: 

This is the best option for homeowners looking for green open space with minimal maintenance requirements. Such as an indoor sports ground, as well as on a golf course, where the turf allows for the freedom of movement needed by golfers. It costs more than nylon, but it’s better to spend more when you have a huge investment, such as an indoor sports ground or a home golf simulator. Sand and Soil: Sand and soil are the cheapest and easiest to install, however, they also offer the most benefits.

Sand Artificial Grass in Dubai

The most popular type of artificial grass is the dragon mart type, which can also be used outdoors. However, it is most popularly used indoors for public playgrounds and sports pitches. The dragon mart brand was originally developed in the UAE and used there and it’s rapidly becoming popular elsewhere in the Middle East. It’s especially popular in Dubai, where there is a growing demand from developers to build new playgrounds and sports facilities.

Soil Artificial Grass in Dubai

Soil: This is probably the cheapest form of installing artificial grass. This is often the cheapest form of landscaping too, due to its widespread availability. It is less labor-intensive than sand or mesh, and it does not need to be replaced as often. However, its main benefit is that it’s harder to maintain than both areas of sand and soil.

There are many types of turf available to consumers,

Artificial Grass in Dubai: There are many types of turf available to consumers. And These brands are suitable for Dubai weather. The most popular brands are Dragon Mart, Cricut, and Playfit. All of which have a wide range of products suitable for any size of the garden. They have many retailers all over the city and can also be found in many garden centers and local gardens around Dubai. With so much choice and so affordable, artificial grass has become extremely popular in Dubai gardens.

Best Installation of Artificial Grass in Dubai

The downside to installing artificial grass in Dubai, or anywhere else for that matter. Is that its environmental footprint is greater than that of natural grass. Since artificial grass is made from synthetic materials and not natural materials. It requires more water to maintain than natural grass. In addition, it produces more greenhouse gases, so this should be considered if you’re planning on living in the city. On the other hand, there are many green initiatives in Dubai that are aimed at reducing the impact we make on the environment. If you’re willing to take on the extra work, you could find that you’ll be rewarded with a lush garden of natural grass.

Although it may be more maintenance-intensive than natural grass, Dubai offers a huge advantage in terms of accessibility. Whether you want to enjoy a lush artificial lawn in the summer or a flat and well-maintained natural grass lawn in the winter. Dubai makes it easy to access any type of lawn, even on a water-logged track. Whether you need to install a swimming pool or a public pool. Installing artificial turf in Dubai means you won’t have to worry about running out of space.


One final advantage of artificial turf is that it’s extremely easy to maintain. Unlike natural grass, which is notoriously difficult to maintain, you can mow your artificial lawn in the morning and use an automatic lawnmower in the evening. Even if your real grass gets a bit dirty, it’s relatively easy to wash up and apply a new coat of paint.

On the other hand, you need to worry about watering your natural turf – unless you want to make your artificial lawn look like a desert. Unfortunately, Dubai doesn’t have anywhere near as much available sunlight as does its southern neighbor. But luckily there are a number of water-conserving options available. Such as drinking water from tanks installed in various parts of the city.