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Ask These Questions When Meeting a Chandler Criminal Lawyer

No matter the type of criminal charge you face in Chandler, you have reasons to seek legal help. A conviction could change everything, and you may find yourself grappling with consequences that were possibly preventable in the first place. The first step is to hire a Chandler criminal lawyer, and if you have never been in such a situation before, you may find the process overwhelming. Here are some questions to ask when meeting a lawyer.

“What’s your experience like?”

It would be best to have a board-certified lawyer who specializes in criminal law and is based in Chandler. It would be best to ask the lawyer about the years they have been practising and the typical charges and cases they deal with. If a law deals with all situations for clients, from white-collar and federal crimes to DUI charges, you can trust the team.

“What should I do right now?”

You probably know that you should remain silent when an officer comes to arrest you. Because the circumstances are complicated, you may not understand the significance of your actions. Ensure you talk to the lawyer about the best ways to deal with everything. You shouldn’t make a mistake, such as stating the police, which can go against you.

“What are legal options?”

A good lawyer will explain how to defend the charges against you. Ensure you understand every option’s pros and cons and how you can minimize the penalties. Remember that no question is stupid when you meet a criminal attorney.

“How much would it cost to hire you?”

Hiring a criminal defence lawyer can be an expensive affair. You may want a popular, credible, and well-known team, but affordability is a concern. Ask the attorney whether they charge an hourly rate and how much it will likely cost you in the long run. The lawyer may also take a flat fee if your charges are not convoluted.

“What are the common defences for such cases?”

Lawyers practising for years will always explain their common defences for other cases. You need to know the best way to get a favourable outcome, and depending on the circumstances, the lawyer will discuss ways to protect your rights.

Remember that each criminal charge and case situation are often unique. Let a criminal lawyer evaluate the matter and give you an overview based on evidence and facts.