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Attack On Titan Manga Chapter 119 Release Date Announced

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Attack On Titan manga chapter 119 has been released and it is sure to excite readers! Attack On Titan Manga Chapter: The chapter features Eren and Historia’s confrontation with the Female Titan, which promises to be a thrilling read. In addition, the release of chapter 119 coincides with the start of the second season of the Attack On Titan anime.

So far, the anime has been highly praised by fans and critics alike, so don’t miss out on any of the action when it returns next week. If you haven’t yet started reading Attack On Titan manga chapter 119, now is a great time to do so. You won’t regret it!

Attack on Titan Chapter 119 Release Date Announced

The Attack on Titan manga chapter 119 has been released and can be read online. The latest chapter is about the Survey Corps heading to the Wall, but something goes wrong.

Manga fans can read the latest Attack on Titan chapter online at

What will happen in Attack on Titan Chapter 119?

The latest issue of Shu Eisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump has released the release date for Attack on Titan Chapter 119. The chapter is scheduled to be released in Japan on October 12th. While no word yet on an international release, it’s safe to say that fans of the manga won’t have to wait too long!

In this upcoming chapter, we’ll finally be getting a look at Erne’s plan in detail as well as what he hopes to achieve by raiding Wall Maria. It looks like the stakes have definitely been raised in the last few chapters and we can’t wait to see how things play out!

What is the significance of the release date for Chapter 119?

The official release date for the latest installment of Attack On Titan manga, Chapter 119, has been announced. The chapter is set to hit shelves on September 23rd. Fans of the series will be anxious to see what new developments occur in the story line following last week’s major cliffhanger.

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Analysis of Attack on Titan Chapter 119

The latest episode of Attack on Titan aired on Saturday and it featured a significant development in the story. It’s been confirmed that the third season of the anime will air in Spring 2018, which leaves a lot of time for more chapters to be released in the manga.

What was this significant development?

Erin Jaeger has finally awoken from his coma and he’s been helped by Levi Ackerman to regain his memories. He remembers that he’s part of a society that fights against giants who are invading their city.

This update should provide some much-needed closure to longtime fans of the series, as well as introduce new viewers to what happened leading up to Erin awakening from his coma. The next update is expected within the next few weeks and will give us a better idea about what comes next for Eren and company.


The Attack on Titan manga chapter 119 release date has been announced and it will be released on October 6th. This is the latest in a string of announcements that have been made surrounding this highly anticipated chapter. Details about the contents of this chapter have not yet been revealed, but it is clear that fans are eagerly awaiting its release.

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