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Automation Trends for Call Centre Services!

Automation Trends for Call Centre Services! 

With the introduction of automated services in the call center business, most of the monotonous tasks are simplified. Call center services that are famous for handling monotonous call answering functions all day are leveraging automated technologies to simplify most of their tasks that were earlier very time taking.

In today’s revolutionized era, automation is everywhere helping people simplify repetitive tasks in some way or the other. Talking about the customer service industry, automation has brought several changes in work performance. With the automation advancements transforming customer experiences, the call centres have started inheriting automated tools as they simplify repetitious functions easily. Moreover, with the changing market needs and customers preferring automated services, it has become obligatory for the call centre companies to avoid any risk from manual assistance and adopt automated functions.

Automation trends for call centre services

With the advancements in automation bringing a paradigm shift in the service performance, the 2020 automation trends are necessary to know. Some real-time automation tools can bring customers a satisfactory experience with on-time service availability, so why not prefer them over the traditional systems!

Customer satisfaction is the indicator of astounding services offered by the business, thus enhancing customer service experience always has to be the business aim. First call resolution, personalized services, 24X7 service availability, and instant answering draws customers’ interest in the business. So, how can a company keep a check at these?

Well, some automation trends can be your business guardian angel. Therefore, to continue discovering benefits, inheriting the automation trends is indispensable.

Check out the Automation Trends for Call Centre Services:

Big Data Analytics

Business-customer communication is automated with big data analytics tools. How?

Well, big data helps simplify the ways businesses reach the customer. By analysing complex data sets easily, big data analytics helps to interpret customer behaviour from their data and thereafter help agents to reach the customer with what they want!

With data analytics, agents get to know all about the customers’ pains, thus easing the same becomes easier saving customer satisfaction. With most of the customers helping companies with their preferences, it is easier for call center agents today to reach the customers with their preferred services.

Earlier manual analysis took time, which did not allow agents to reach the customer with their preferred services on time. However, with modern technologies today, it is easy to reach customers with tailored services without much investment of time.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The everyday repetitive tasks eat up a lot of time of call centres. However, with the introduction of RPA, various small repetitive functions are easily simplified. As per a KPMG report, RPA helps to keep a check on operational costs and even reduces the business expense by 75%.

With the advantage of consistency in services with RPA, call centre companies can adopt the technology to avoid error possibilities and reduce handling time. Not only is this, but RPA also improves customer satisfaction by collecting data and informing agents about each customers’ information so that answering customers becomes easy.

The advantages call centres can enjoy with RPA integration:

  • 24X7-customer service.
  • Accuracy in reports.
  • Enhanced productivity with augmented decision-making.
  • Faster turnaround times with automation.
  • Automation brings back focus to value-added activities.

The traditional call centre services were all about inbound and outbound call answering service where a team of agents catered to call answering and analysing the interactions manually. However, with RPA, automated solutions help to reduce human error and simplify several monotonous functions to save time for the in-house agents to give to other productive responsibilities.

Visual Interactive Voice Response

The new automation trends to be followed by BPOs cannot be complete without visual IVR. With the advancement in tech, visual IVR helps customers with a user-friendly visual IVR menu interface. Now as soon as a customer logs into the company’s website or application on the phone, the IVR technology helps them with a menu of the company’s services for better assistance.

Such a perk was not possible earlier with traditional services where customers could connect only over calls, emails, or texts with the business agent. Visual IVR helps customers with a communication channel to connect with their service providers directly.

By logging into the company’s webpage, customers can choose options, can interact with an agent, scroll through the menu to choose the service of their choice, call back, and take a ride over many more advantages. With all these perks easily accessible through smartphones, visual IVR offers personalized services at just a touch away, thus augmenting customer satisfaction.

Enhancing customer experience is automatically marvelous with a visual IVR technology on board, as unlike traditional services, it helps to deliver an automated and personalized experience by being available to the customer through a digital self-service channel.

Desktop Automation for Call Center Services

Customer satisfaction has always been indispensable for a BPO company, and so it is today. Earlier, most of the applications were not optimally designed to offer customer satisfaction, which is why agents struggled to align by the applications wherein customer experience was somewhere altered.

However, with desktop automation, BPOs today enjoy the advantage of blending the existing applications flawlessly into modern hassle-free workflows, which helps them with easy webpage navigation so that agents focus on customer satisfaction more.

With such an advanced desktop automation technology that optimizes the way agents reach customers, it becomes easy for them to engage and enhance the customer experience progressively.


When we talk about new automation trends, chatbots are the most prominent ones for call center services. RPA technology in customer service introduces chatbots who are virtual assistants that provide instant customer support when a live agent is unavailable.

Bots are cost-effective and offer a human-like customer experience. They help to save the business costs on repetitive agent hiring and training. Bots analyze customer interactions and learn from the same to enhance answers to the customers. They can answer multiple calls, messages, emails, etc. at the same time without any hassle. Thus customer dissatisfaction is not a concern with them.

Chatbots are software applications that help to conduct an online chat with the customers using text or text-to-speech that rely on AI-powered technologies like machine learning and natural language processing. Bots can be programmed to give answers for simple keywords or reminders from the customers’ side.

Ending Statement

With the advancements in automated techniques, call center companies today have the privilege of performing a variety of tasks hassle-free. Call centers that had to handle the hassle of handling multiple functions at the same time now take advantage of automated technologies to transform customer experiences commendably.

With so many perks of automated technologies bringing in for call center services, it is useless to stick back to traditional systems!

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