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How to Avoid a Hardware Failure?

How to Avoid a Hardware Failure? 

Germany VPS Server Hosting – Onlive Server

Imagine a situation, where you have to answer a call at 3 am and have to rush to the data center immediately because there has been a hardware failure. Well, if the call is from the CEO itself, it might excite the IT manager, however, it is not good to go back to your office at 3 in the morning. It not only ruins your upcoming day but it also hampers your mental health.

Well, obviously you can’t say no to your CEO as it is the only job that you have and since you are the IT manager of the company and your company

To be very true, whether it be a Germany VPS Server or a high-end server, it is quite normal for a user to have a hardware crash. It can only take place due to the carelessness of the technicians there.

It can include the failure of any of the hardware mentioned below –

  • Hard Drive
  • Power Sources
  • Internal Components
  • Motherboard

Instead of being a hardware failure, it can be a failure in the cooling system as well which will lead to overheating of the server leading to the shutting down of all the computers. Well, as mentioned before, it is inevitable to avoid a hardware failure but there are certain measures via which one can protect the Germany VPS Server they have.

In order to understand the depth of the situation, it is very essential to understand that amount of revenue lost due to the downtime. A person can ask himself several questions and come up with a downtime tolerance analysis which can forecast the timing for which they can have the downtime.

Many hosting providers come in with a 99.99% uptime guarantee which means that they still have certain norms that protect them for the 00.01% of the downtime. This is a classic way used by the hosting providers in this way, they have a way out for every other downtime and an excuse ready as well.

it is not just the revenue that a person must be worried about. It is also the brand reputation that is on the stake during a downtime. To be smart, one must always be ready with an alternative way where they can come up with some renovation excuses when they face an unannounced downtime.

The best way to tackle a hardware failure is by opting for a hosting provider who understands and believes in the moral code of providing a proper customer experience. The providers which focus on the revenue and not the client value are the one which all must avoid.

The market recently is Onlive Server which is smart enough to provide the best in class facilities to the clients and thus giving them no opportunity to complain about it. The best thing about it is the all-new gadgets that it comes in with. It is due to the fact that the company is new in the market and has to bring in completely new hardware to attract clients.

That’s not all to it. When a person chooses Germany VPS Server Hosting, they get exclusive offers with it which make the whole deal more exciting and unbelievable.

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