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What to Avoid When Searching For New Business Premises

If you’ve been looking forward to getting back to the office, now’s the perfect time to begin sourcing new premises, that will help your team feel productive, motivated, and ready to work. However, as the working landscape changes, it’s important to choose premises that will help your future business, both inside and out, while avoiding any nasty surprises. Thinking through your employee’s eyes, as well as considering the commercial aspects of your premises will help you avoid any offices that aren’t what they seem, and make the best decision for your business.

Carefully consider your transport links

Even if you’ve found offices that seem to perfectly fit your every need, one of the biggest red flags should be how easily you and your team can reach the space. Ensuring your offices have adequate parking, strong public transport links and good walking routes will help your team feel comfortable and encourage them to make the most of your new premises. Similarly, if you’re checking out offices on a busy road with no safe walking and cycling routes nearby, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

Check your outside area for invasive vegetation

As well as making your decision based on the inside of your premises, it’s crucial you consider the land your offices are based on, too. Especially if you’re searching for office space that has been left unoccupied over the pandemic, you need to do your research to ensure your premises are free from invasive vegetation that could have a disastrous impact on your profits, and your buildings. The complexity of a Japanese knotweed outbreak means it is difficult to know just how much of an impact it will have on your potential future premises. While specialists like Ebsford Environmental can treat invasive vegetation like Japanese knotweed, you should be aware that the cost of permanent removal can put a serious dent in your budget. Enlisting professional help to ensure your premises are just as they seem will help you avoid any costs further down the line.

Figure out your decorating flexibility

Before you plunge for premises that seem ideal, check the small print. Many more modern office spaces will give you enough flexibility to make your space your own, in line with your brand identity. Rather than a cookie-cutter working space, you should look for offices or buildings with the flexibility to allow your premises to adapt effortlessly to your business’s needs.

Consider the businesses around you

As the demand for city-center offices changes as a result of the pandemic, you might need to alter any previous ideas about the businesses and spaces around your new offices. If you’re an organization that relies on a lot of foot traffic, setting up shop in a busy neighborhood with plenty of passers-by might be perfect for you. If your colleagues and employees are office-based, finding space with similar or complementary businesses to your own might help spark your creativity, and make for a happier, more productive working day for your whole team.

Ensure there’s room to grow

If you think you’ve found the perfect premises, but they seem a little on the small side, you might want to reconsider. While your new offices might be a great fit for your team now, it’s important to take future growth into account. Cramped spaces with multiple employees working in them can have negative effects on your team’s morale, and ultimately the work they’re producing.

Furthermore, as the demand for agile working hours grows, you should also consider how your offices cater to flexible workers. If the premises you’re considering are more traditional, with closed-off offices, limited shared space, and little flexibility, you might want to avoid them for good.