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Avoid squatters in the most effective way

Avoid squatters in the most effective way 

The problem of housing occupation, far from being solved, has worsened in recent times. The lack of employment and the few economic resources of families is causing the number of people who decide to occupy a home to increase dramatically. The measures to be adopted to prevent a second residence from being the objective of squatters falls on companies with security camera .

The alarm, the best deterrent against squatters

No measure 100% prevents someone from illegally occupying your home, but without a doubt, having a good alarm is the best deterrent for this type of crime. It is clear that when choosing a target, the most vulnerable home will always be the first to be attacked. Putting an alarm in a second home is the same or more important than putting it in the main residence. It must be taken into account that in addition to preventing theft, it will prevent the settlement of possible squatters at home and all that that entails.

It is a minimum investment compared to a phenomenon that can be very expensive for owners if their houses are occupied. Despite the latest legal reforms, landlords have very little room for maneuver once they have been violated on their private property. Fighting against this fact once consummated is an arduous task. Complaint cost of lawyers, armored doors, resistance, months of waiting, and a lot of patience. Evicting an occupant is not easy for the owner; It costs a lot to “kick him out” and if he succeeds in the end, in addition to all the money he has had to spend to “evict” him, he will have to spend more to repair all the damage that squatters may have caused in the home. As a general rule, they tend to leave the home uninhabitable.

Shield the home from possible occupations

Although it is not so frequent, there are cases of occupation in homes that are first residences. Until now we tended to think that the occupation issue only affected second homes or vacant buildings, but we were wrong. The phenomenon also occurs in first homes.

However, the highest percentage affected falls on second homes. The lack of vigilance, the verification that they can act with impunity and the protection under the current legal loopholes represent the perfect equation for the unwanted violation of private property to occur.

You have to take precautions. Visiting second homes on a regular basis or preventing mail from piling up in mailboxes are two good examples of preventive measures. Any indicator that the house is empty can be the trigger for squatters to decide to settle. We can also leave the phone number with a neighbor so that, in case you notice any strange movement, you can notify us as soon as possible.

However, the installation of an alarm will be essential to avoid occupation. The alarm will immediately alert the attempted illegal entry into our home and therefore, having it installed at home can be crucial to prevent occupation. It is proven that if there is an attempted occupation and the security alarm goes off, the majority of squatters immediately give up. And if, even so, the raiders persisted in their attempt to violate private property and opened the door, the images of the raid would be recorded. That is why it is so important to have an alarm with security camera systems in Chicago, because it is clear proof that a criminal act has been committed.

Prevent better than cure

The crisis and the birth of mafias that control and profit from this matter have caused the occupation to be more and more common. The data speaks for itself. We always think that “it’s not going to touch me” but it can touch us. For this reason, and to avoid a real nightmare, it is important to take prevention and protection of our homes seriously.

Therefore, in addition to trying to make the home look inhabited, the installation of the alarm will be essential as a deterrent. Remember that the best way to avoid the consequences of the nefarious actions of squatters is to have a good alarm that immediately alerts you to the attempted illegal access that is being committed in your home.

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