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Basic amenities that every resort should have

Basic amenities that every resort should have
  • PublishedMarch 8, 2022

Vacations are considered to be one of the most important parts of our year. People work so hard in their day to day lives just to offer themselves a better quality of life. A trip once every year or twice a year can help a person to relax their minds and enjoy their personal space with their families. To make your vacations even more productive, you should choose the best hotel or resort for your staycation. The most important highlight of any vacation is the place that you plan to stay in. People prefer luxurious villas, cottages, resorts these days. They want to catch hold of every little facility. Since it is vacation time, they want to enjoy every little moment instead of cooking or cleaning now and then. The morning view, surroundings and the location around the resort matter a lot. It is always better to choose a hotel that is far off place from crowded places. People go out for vacations to relax, therefore peaceful resorts by people are always welcomed. The w goa is one such resort that offers a comfortable stay to its customers. One should consider various factors before booking a resort for a staycation.


Let us know about certain basic amenities that every resort should have in detail, have a look:-

  1. Room service

The most basic facility that every person on staycation looks for is a room service of a hotel or resort. If the resort is not providing room services, people won’t rate the services well. The main motive of planning any staycation or vacation is to pamper yourself. The pampering sessions would go well only when proper relaxation is given to your body. Instead of asking and visiting the hotel staff now and then, you should look for a resort that offers room services. Through such services, all the required things would be provided to you at just a single call at the reception. In a minimal period, the things would be delivered to your doorstep. There is a minimal scope of any resort not offering room services as it is a basic necessity feature.

  1. Breakfast and dining facilities

Certain resorts do not offer dining or breakfast facilities. Because of this people have to step out of their hotels and search for good places. But it becomes pretty convenient if the resort in which a person is staying offers snacking or eating facilities. Some resorts even offer different types of cuisines which also includes deserts. This is going to satisfy your customers and is going to improve your client base for the years to come. Your potential customers will stay and they will recommend your resort to their known ones as well. A round of healthy dishes is also served at the breakfast and dining tables to ensure that people can maintain their health even on staycations.

  1. Elevator or lifts

Nowadays, we can witness the full family’s going out for staycations. The grandmothers and the grandfathers are all the way excited to visit a new hotel for a staycation. Such old aged people cannot climb up many stairs and there is a need for elevator or lifts for them. This is another common factor that people look for while booking a resort or hotel. People become dicey about their choices if the resort doesn’t have an elevator. There are different sets of people visiting the resort every day. The hotel staff should understand the importance of elevators and improve their infrastructure to serve their customers better.

  1. Laundry or iron services

The people who stay or visit the resorts for business purposes, look for laundry or iron services. This is one of the most basic points of selection of hotels for them. They need to look formal in the business meetings. If their clothes won’t be ironed, it would be a sign of embarrassment for them. There are so many people visiting such formal meetings, they must dress up properly. People will know about your personality from the type of clothes that you are wearing. So, you have to make sure that you are dressed well and the hotel staff can help you with that if they have laundry services.

  1. Smoke alarms

People have become very conscious about their safety. They look for proper safety measures while booking a hotel. After all, it is about the safety of their family members. This is one of the most basic safety measures that people look for. Apart from it, various other detectors to detect leakage or liquor spread have been introduced in certain hotels. Installing smoke detectors or smoke alarms in your resort will help the customers to know about the fact that you are customer-oriented. Your main motive is to keep your clients happy and satisfied. This will help the clients to build trust and they will be in your confidence and will book your hotel for their staycation.

  1. Emergency services

Another basic and important factor that people consider while choosing a hotel is to look at whether the resort provides emergency services or not. People come to the staycations with their full family. The resort staff needs to keep a doctor on hold always. In case any emergency is met, an instant remedy can be provided to the victim. This will ensure that not much damage would be done and people will be happy with the services of the resort. Time is very uncertain and unpredictable, the resort staff should always be ready to provide immediate medical services.


So, these are the basic amenities that every client looks for before booking a resort or hotel. The hotel staff should ensure that proper services are provided with due care to all the customers. The main motive of any customer-oriented resort is to provide top-class services to its customers so that they have the best experience of their staycation. As a customer, we should appreciate the resort for its quality and timely services.

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