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Basic Things You Should Know Before Buy Washing Machine

Adam Smith
Adam Smith
5 Min Read

The demand for washing machines in India is on a sustained rise. According to estimates, this market could reach around USD 1.7 billion by 2026. The increase in disposable income is believed to be the primary cause for the appreciating washing machine market value.

Individuals interested in buying such a machine soon should keep an eye on the various Indian washing machine prices, as well as the advanced features and facilities in each model.

What to look for in your washing machine?

Purchasing a washing machine can be confusing, especially the first time since most customers lack an in-depth understanding of these devices. The following tips should help one focus past the Indian washing machine prices, and take a closer look at their features.

  • Washing machine size

If you are a family of 6 or more individuals, a 6.5 Kg washing machine will not be suitable for you, owing to the limited volume. Thus, choosing the right size of the machine is of utmost importance. Smaller families can manage with a 6.5 Kg machine. However, one must opt for 8 Kg washing machines, in case of larger families.

Failing to match the size may force users to run several wash cycles to complete all of the accumulated laundries. Alternatively, you may also end up with a much bigger machine than you need, which consumes more water and electricity than necessary.

  • Top load or front load washing machine

The Indian washing machine prices tend to vary depending on whether it is a front-load or a top-load model. Front-load machines are beneficial in several instances. For example, such washing machines generally draw lesser power and require limited amounts of water to perform a wash cycle. Further, these machines tend to be gentler on clothes, ensuring the longevity of the fabric.

However, they have their share of disadvantages as well. Top-loading machines tend to be narrower than front-load ones, thereby occupying less space in a home. Top-load machines are also often significantly cheaper when compared to their front-load counterparts.

  • Automatic or semi-automatic washing machine

Another distinction between washing machines is that of semi-auto and automatic models. Any washing machine buying guide would recommend opting for a fully automatic machine instead of semi-automatic one. Otherwise, owners would need to actively check and participate in the wash cycle. While semi-automatic models are often considerably more affordable, they also require manual labour from the user.

In comparison, an automatic washing machine rinses, washes and even dries your laundry on its own. Users simply need to choose from the available wash presets, provide the detergent and turn the machine on. Thus, automatic machines do not require you to monitor the wash cycle continuously.

In most instances, Indian buyers tend to decide a product based on its price only. However, purchasing a washing machine with this mindset may lead to significant buyers’ remorse later. This is because some of the most advantageous features are available on slightly expensive models. Thus, rather than looking to reduce your budget, choose an effective financing option instead.

Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card users can decide to purchase a model based on convenience and features, instead of considering the price of the washing machine. As cardholders, they can access a significant amount of pre-sanctioned credit, amounting to up to Rs.4 lakh.

Bajaj Finserv also extends pre-approved offers on these cards, alongside financial products like personal loans, credit cards, business loans and others, which simplify and accelerate their application. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing a few requisite personal details.

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With more than a million products up for grabs, the EMI card enables users to shop to their hearts’ desire without budgetary constraints at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. Consulting a washing machine buying guide can help clear some of the confusion you are facing when acquiring such a device.  

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