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Beach Beauty Of Halong Bay- Glorious Limestones In Seascape

  • PublishedOctober 1, 2020

Halong Bay Vietnam, is the most beautiful and glorious spot to visit. With the big limestone rocks jiggered stubbornly in the middle of the seascape, the place is just beautiful. With the spectacular crystal blue water everywhere and calm white clouds floating overhead, the time spent on the boat makes you feel delighted.

With 1900 islets scattered in blue water, the hollow islands are secret caves where the tourist can visit and explore.

What makes Halong Bay so remarkable?

The towering limestone karsts, clear blue water, endless white clouds, and natural beauty everywhere, Halong Bay is truly heaven in the middle of rocks. The shallow island of the bay transformed into majestic caves creates suspense and surprise for the visitors.

The Halong Bay cruise on the beautiful and luxurious ships and boats make the time even more notable. The wide range of biodiversity makes the scene more mesmerizing. And even some of the large islands have their own lakes that make Halong even more beautiful.

How to get to Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is the beauty that is praised as a heritage site twice. The sheer, clean water and endless sky give you inner peace and happiness. With the day passing, the cool breeze and dusk on the Halong Bay Cruise are just perfect. The ways to reach this breathtakingly beautiful destination are:

  • By Flight: Travelers can book delta airlines reservations from their nearby airport to Noi Bai International Airport,. Then, Get down and book a Cab to reach your point of disembarkation.
  • By Road: Take the highway number 18 from Hanoi to Halonand drive or get a minibus for 170 KM to reach the destination.

What makes up the pillars of Halong Bay?

The beautiful and long pillars of Halong Bay are just unique and the best feature of the place. The striking caves, limestone pillars, arches, and cliffs, are made due to the continuous settling of the limestone for over millions of years. The greenery and the shrubs growing on them reflect clearly in the water.

Where to stay in Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is full of surprising stay locations. With luxurious cruise and stupendous hotels all along, one can stay at any place that makes him feel happy. The site of the sea from the room will just make your day. From luxurious resorts to hotels, sea-facing room, to room towering high in the sky,  has a perfect stay for everyone.

When to visit Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is at its peak beauty in November. The apparent clear blue skies, moderate temperature, sheer cool breeze, and calm sea makes the month  Tour. From February to April, the climate is bit foggy and drizzly, which adds to the ethereal beauty. The year-round cruise can cheer you up at any time, and you can embrace the beauty of the serene nature. The clear sky and calm sea, with beautiful and majestic caves and pillars, make the breathtakingly amazing.

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