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Beautiful and Green Plant Gift for your Home and Office 

In this busy monotonous schedule of life, what we miss is living. And the smallest yet lingering feeling of happiness is brought by the gifts from closer people or even greetings from strangers. There are many varieties of gifts- artificial, costly, abundant, personalized customized, and many more. But, the most perfect one is the gifts of nature. Flowers, fruits, and plants are constituents of nature, while the green plant provides all in one. They are beautiful and at the same time, they make the place they belong to beautiful. Here are some amazing plant gifts for both home and office.

1) Green Aglaonema

This plant is famously known as the Chinese Evergreens. Though because of the surrounding conditions all around, the only Chinese thing that you should not hesitate to buy is this plant. It is one of the most popular houseplants.  On it, there are speculating white spots. This plant is very must resistant, resilient, and yet beautiful. What makes it more attractive is the thriving nature in lower light. And the growth rate of this plant is also slow. It is one of the great indoor plants for office desks.

2) Green Fern

Very few plants on earth are there that comes from a single stem and yet is magnificent with its limited resources. Green fern is one of those. It is not just a huge mesmerizing green plant; it is one of the most renowned air purifiers as well. Also, it is a mesmerizer because of its stunning colors, ranging from yellow to shades of green. But amongst all of them, the green ferns are difficult to move your eyes from. This would be difficult to put inside your office if you do not have your own cabin. But for the house, it is amazing.

3) Bonsai

Bonsai is one of the most ancient forms of Art ancestral to Japan. This art form later has won the whole world as one of the most popular indoor plant categories. This plant type is small, within limited height, you can have a tree in a pot- a miniature model of the plant kingdom. Among all the Sakura Bonsai is very famous. It grows with peach green leaves and with the rarest flower in the earth, dotted pink cherry blossoms. In fact, it is a very famous gift in Germany. You can order plant delivery from abroad as they are available all around the world.

4) Anthurium

This plant is a perfect blending of the greenest leaves and colorful flowers. In a common name, this flower is known as the Lace-leaf plant. It is a very costly plant. The color of the flower ranges from darker shades of red to lighter sub-lime pink. It is not just visually alluring; it adds the attraction of all to it by its subliminal aroma. Anthurium is both fitted on the office desk as well as in house. It is strikingly beautiful; if you have a plant lover person in your life, it will be the ideal gift to bring the brightest smile on their faces.

5) Bird of Paradise

Birds of paradise is an indoor plant that is believed to be one of the very lucky plants for office desks. It belongs to the Paradisaeidae family of plants. It grows multicolored flowers. Among all the colors, the pink and green, blue, and orange shades of hues are the brightest. This is a rare plant as it is only found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Eastern Australia. It is named by the floral experts as the ‘Natural Mastermind’.

6) Spider Plant

The spider plant again is a very promising indoor plant both for office and home décor. This plant needs proper care to thrive, but they are very much adjusting. It is the best plant to start your gardening hobby. All they need is well-drained soil and bright but indirect sunlight and they will grow as a beauty. Water sprinkling is the best way of watering this plant as more watering will cause its root-rot. They grow faster and healthier by occasional pruning. The optimum temperature for this plant is 13-18 degree C, but it can adjust the heat in direct sunlight.

7) Air Plant

This is a difficult plant to grow if you are not a pro-gardener. Their plants do not work as absorbents; rather they grow in the air by grasping things with the help of their roots. But just as its name, it cannot survive alone in the air. It is a very communicating plant- it will tell you when it needs water. It is a perfect choice to send gifts online to other countries like Germany as it does not depend on climate.

Plants are beautiful creations of nature that spread the purity, happiness, freshness all around. Above are the best green plant gifts for both office and home.              

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