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Benefits Bob Bartosiewicz’s CGI Communications Video Marketing Services Offer

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Getting the word out about your local community, your trade association, or your small business is both easier and more difficult than ever before.

New tools and technology for marketing have leveled the playing field significantly, but that means that there’s a lot more competition out there for attention. In fact, some studies suggest each person in the US sees anywhere between 6000 and 10,000 advertisements a day!

That’s a lot of noise and clutter to break through.

Thankfully, though, with the help of the CGI Communications team led by CEO Bob Bartosiewicz small businesses, local communities and municipalities, and trade associations, as well as other organizations, can fast track their success in marketing without having to handle the heavy lifting all on their own.

Here’s just a handful of the benefits the CGI Communications team services bring to the table!

Compelling Storytelling

The most effective marketing today especially on the video side of things begins and ends with compelling storytelling.

Without a compelling story and without a compelling “why” behind messaging today’s marketing is going to fall flat. People are just too overwhelmed with other marketing – a lot of it jam-packed with effective storytelling – that anything uninteresting, dull, or even “average” isn’t going to rise above the white noise.

Bob Bartosiewicz and the team at CGI Communications work with cities and business clients to craft powerfully effective messages that help to emphasize their story, their communities, and their mission – all with skillfully produced, high-quality content that shines a wonderful light on the message they’re looking to get across.

Emotional, Engaging Content That’s Got Great Viral Potential

Of course, the most effective storytelling today is also highly emotional, engaging, and has a lot of potential to go viral – something that Bob Bartosiewicz and the CGI Communications team understand well.

After all, creating wonderful marketing campaigns around a compelling story is only effective when you’re able to reach new audiences, new groups, and new potential prospects with that message.

The viral nature of the engaging video marketing the Bob Bartosiewicz-led CGI Communications team makes possible boosts the odds of driving organic, targeted traffic to client properties, communities, and web platforms. Prospects are also much more likely to be engaged by and receptive to future marketing messages with this approach.

Smart Long Term Marketing Strategies that Really Work

Finally, each and every one of the marketing components created by the CGI Communications team under Bob Bartosiewicz is designed to be individual assets that work together seamlessly.

These assets play into one another, work off one another, and not only provide a seamless message to the market but also help to boost credibility and influence.

On top of all of that, these messages are designed to be real traffic generators. The messages themselves push a flood of targeted traffic, but when optimized for search engine rankings as well it’s easy to take things to the next level.

At the end of the day, these aren’t one-off style campaigns but instead long-term assets that can be used and reused in a variety of ways to help communities grow!

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