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Benefits of Group Study

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One of the best memories of student life is group study. Students, especially those who had lived hostel life must remember the joy and fun of group study. It seems a very usual thing but the students who have experienced it, know its importance. When students do group studies then along with joy and fun they keep on memorizing a lot of study material in group discussion and during comparison of notes they come across some very good data which enhances their treasure of knowledge regarding certain subjects.

In a group study, one can’t resist joining the session on time due to laziness or any other reason. Being in self-study no one is watching you are studying or watching TV or sleeping. But in a group study, your peer group compels you to focus on a topic as everyone is giving their time and concentration.

It is a very funny fundamental but it really works that if you try to understand and memorize a topic whole year even then you are unable to but on the same time if you best friend tries to make you understand the same topic but in his or her own way, that makes you understand the topic very easily and you memorize it also in a jiffy. It happens because in a group many minds of different capacities gather and a topic which may not be clear to you can be very clear to another student and vice versa so both the students can be assistance to each other and can complete the topic within no time.

You get new perceptions towards a topic or subject in order to understand it. When a student is stuck somewhere he gets suggestions from his peer group during group study and gets new ideas to accomplish the task. Suppose a student of intermediate wants to earn his pocket money and study as well then while the group studies he gets suggestions from his peers to teach online and also get new ideas about how to teach online. Being enthusiastic to teach online that student not only learns how to teach online but also enhances his own knowledge to change his perception about his own capabilities.

Students being in a very innovative state of mind while they study in groups, develop their own techniques to memorize and study the topics and subjects. For example, if the topic is very lengthy and there are a lot of headings in it then they make an abbreviation with the first alphabet of each heading and memorize it and with the help of each alphabet initial of headings in the topic, they remember the whole topic in the exam. This is not a discovery made by any scientist but just a small invention of the simple student mind to make study easy. So, in a group study of a peer group a student comes across such unique tricks also which make their task of studying easy.

Studying alone and continuous study in such a way makes study boring and lengthy. After some time the mind starts distracting and one begins to lose focus on the topic. In a group study, even if your topic is boring, the atmosphere around you where all your friends are studying kills boredom in your mind and inspires you to continue the study. If you are lacking some good points while you’re preparing, then the comparative degree of notes from friends makes you improve your notes and prepare the notes in a way that can bring your level of preparation from zero to top level.

Doing practice continuously with a peer group also enhances your skills as a person. While practicing the same topic you don’t only understand it but also you get such expertise and command on it that you can even teach it to the body and also can give a presentation in front of any faculty or person. This not only enhances you from inside but also after completion of school or college days when you work somewhere. This habit of group study makes you a person of teamwork and your excellence in teamwork makes you achieve many great goals in your career.

Once you decide to join any study group you have to remember always that everyone cannot be as focussed on the study as you are thinking so you have to choose your study group very wisely where each and every member should be fond of studying.

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