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Benefits of Trade Show Display Rentals for Your Marketing

Are you preparing to attend an upcoming trade show but worried about the costs of custom display? Luckily, trade show display rentals may offer an affordable alternative option that may fit perfectly into your budget. Here, we outline why renting displays might be your best option. 

Cost-Effective Solution

Leasing displays are an economical choice for your marketing budget. While buying custom displays may be worthwhile in terms of appearance and size, their upfront cost could add up quickly when attending multiple trade shows throughout the year. By trade show display rentals instead, you can have high-quality booths without incurring the upfront expenses that accompany these options. 

Greater Flexibility

Renting a display allows you to choose different display options for each event, easily tailoring it to each space’s size and layout. Renting also allows you to experiment with designs and configurations before buying anything. That means you can refine your marketing strategy and experiment with marketing approaches without risk. If you aren’t ready to purchase displays yet, consider rental options.  

Customizable Designs

Renting a display doesn’t mean sacrificing the ability to have a unique display that reflects your brand. Many rental companies provide customizable options so you can tailor yours to ensure it sends the right marketing message to your target audience. From graphics and lighting to everything else, you can ensure your booth promotes your products or services. You can also draw people in with those displays by personalizing or customizing them with seasonal touches. That’s guaranteed to stir even more interest in your audience. 

Ease of Use 

Renting a display provides a more straightforward experience since the rental company will take care of setting up and breaking down your booth at events. This gives you more time and energy to focus on other aspects of the trade show. Your staff can go over the rest of your marketing materials, check if the videos are ready, coordinate with the rest of the team, do last-minute checks, and more. You won’t have to store or maintain the rental display between events. That saves time, space, effort, and money in the long run. If you want to be smart about using your organization’s resources, consider rentals. 


Rental displays may also be more environmentally friendly than purchasing them, as you reduce carbon emissions and waste generated in their production and disposal. Many rental companies also provide eco-friendly options that further minimize the impact on the environment. If you want displays that do less harm to the environment, consider these options. 

Rental Companies Offer Expertise

By getting displays from rental companies, you gain access to their expertise. They can advise you on which options would work best for your event and how to maximize your booth space efficiently. They can also offer insights into current display design trends. You can use that information to add accessories or stylish accents to your displays. Knowing the trends means you can ask for additional touches, such as LED lights, video, or interactive displays. A display builder with experience in offering these features won’t have any problems providing the help you need.