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Best Communities in Dubai to Check Before Deciding to Move
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Best Communities in Dubai to Check Before Deciding to Move 

Relocating in Dubai is a huge decision. Since the emirate offers so many options to choose from, it can become a hectic task to research all of them. This is something that becomes easier once you have your condition figured out. For example, knowing the extent of your budget while retaining a certain amount for miscellaneous expenses can put things in perspective. Moreover, having an idea about all the things you would want in your new home can also come in handy. You need every last bit of detail that fits your needs in order to be able to make the best decision. Since there are options like podium villas, high-rise apartments, waterfront development projects and much more to choose from. You will do well by having everything figured out before you start viewing properties like Stella Maris.  

When you’re done trying to get everything on track. Check out these communities that will give you some perspective on the kinds of life you can have in Dubai:


Being one of the most demanded locations in the emirate, located right next to the International City and Dubai International Airport, Mirdif is a community that offers it all. From luxury residences that have been masterfully planned and eloquently designed to amenities that will provide you comfort and ease throughout the duration of your stay. Since the current rates are affordable in the market, you won’t have a tough time trying to find a place that can settle for your ideal price.

The community hosts amazing properties that provide you with ample space rightly called luxurious. With the convenience of being near the city, residents can enjoy all the retail centres and hubs of the city only a few minutes away. The presence of schools, hospitals and shopping centres make it more appealing for families with members of all ages.

Downtown Dubai

Hosting the world’s second-largest mall in the world, Downtown Dubai becomes the place you’ll absolutely love. Great for families, the area hosts some of the most entertaining facilities that all members can enjoy. Moreover, there’s also sufficient enough amenities to boast of an active and healthy lifestyle. This is for all youngsters who wish to start a new chapter of their lives. The convenient location along with plentiful options of various residences makes Downtown Dubai a great choice. You’ll find the master-builder Emaar’s infrastructural planning of the area to be nothing less than extraordinary.

Whether you’re looking for parks, schools, hospitals, community centres, leisure clubs, restaurants or malls, you’ll find everything in the area. However, it’s crucial to note that these pros can also become factors that end up influencing the prices of the residences as well. This is largely due to the accessibility the location has through local transit systems and the nearby hustle and bustle of the city.

Media City

Although the Media City is mostly occupied by commercial hubs and centres. It is a freehold zone that allows for purchases of the land as well as the properties. Since it’s a business hub that comprises of over 1500 companies that operate in the area. Employees and businessmen find living in the area a relief as they do not have to face commutation hassles.

The residential options in the neighbourhood comprised of studios as well as 1 and 2-bedroom apartments. You’ll find the spacious living conditions to be favourable for all those who wish to enjoy their leisure at home. With ample space to fit all your furniture and still have enough to accommodate your hobbies. The overall infrastructure of the developments in the area has earned their popularity. In addition to this, the security mechanisms in place are enough to make you feel safe in your home, in the streets and even in the markets. Even though it’s great for bachelors and young couples. There are bigger residential options that prove great for bigger families as well.

Dubai Marina

The last but certainly one of the most appealing locations in all of the emirate is the Dubai Marina. It was the most anticipated and demanded location for the past couple of years. The hype hasn’t died down yet. From all around the world, investors and buyers are always looking for opportunities to invest in the area. This also means that you get a lot of options to choose from whether you’re going to buy or rent a place in the Marina.

A plethora of entertainment centres and commercial hubs comprising of outlets that bring the whole world to you make it an undeniably great community to live in. The waterfront communities and off-plan projects like villas in Jumeirah, Stella Maris apartments, Emaar Beachfront residences, etc. allow you the chance to choose the perfect life of your dreams.

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