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Best Dentist in Noida – Floss Dental Clinic

If you have children and are searching for a dentist, child specialist dentists are an ideal solution. They will diagnose and treat any oral health problems associated with their mouths.

Dr. Deepti Goel holds an MDS-Pedodontics and MSc-Laser Dentistry degrees. She practices at the Floss Dental Clinic in Khora Colony, Delhi where she specializes in Ceramic Veneers/Crowns, Mouth Guards and Pulpectomy procedures.

Dr. Deepti is rated as one of the best dentist in Noida

  1. Dr. Deepti Goel

Gum surgery is an essential way to protect the health of your mouth, but the process can be daunting and cause immense anxiety. Working with a dental clinic that offers multiple services and has stringent sterilization standards will help make the experience as pain-free as possible.

Dr. Deepti Goel is an esteemed gynecologist with over 16 years of clinical experience and currently affiliated with Cloud nine hospital Faridabad. She specializes in high-risk obstetrics, gynecology and menopause management services.

Focusing on prevention, she suggests regular dental checkups to lower infection risks and enhance tooth quality. Her clinic provides a relaxing spa-like setting so patients feel relaxed during their appointment, as well as offering services like Ceramic Veneers/ Crowns/ Mouth Guard and Pulpectomy treatments. Consultations take place Monday-Saturday; appointments can be booked online through myUpchar. Floss Dental Clinic is located in Sector 14, Noida India and appointments can be booked here.

  1. Dr. Abhishek Rathi

Dr. Deepti Goyal of Noida is an esteemed Gynecologist with over 16 years of experience, having worked at prominent hospitals and clinics within the city. She is well known for providing patients with compassionate treatment plans tailored specifically for them.

She practices at Floss Dental – Sector 104. The clinic follows strict sanitation protocols and is extremely hygienic, while her doctors are highly qualified and treat patients with great empathy and care, providing many painless treatments for their patients.

She is a member of both Indian Dental Association and Academy of Oral Implantology, offering services such as Ceramic Veneers/Crowns, Mouth Guard, Pulpectomy, Scaling/Polishing and Impaction/Impacted Tooth Extraction. To learn more, please visit her profile on Drology.

  1. Dr. Sandhya R. Verma

Dr. Sandhya R. Verma is an esteemed dentist who has been practising dentistry for the last 19 years in several hospitals and clinics across Meerut. She holds both a master’s degree from Subharati Dental College Meerut and DNB Obstetrics & Gynecology certification.

At iDental Wellness in Gautam Buddha Nagar, she specializes in single sitting RCT, basic and Rotary RCT, smile designing and bleaching/whitening procedures. Additionally, she excels at surgical tooth extraction (implection/impaction extraction), BPS Dentures Fixing and Cast Partial Denture repair/fixture. Please visit her profile page for the complete list of her expertise.

Dr. Sheetal Rai, of Greater Noida, is an esteemed doctor specializing in dentistry with over 16 years of practice. She has worked at many renowned hospitals and clinics. Dr. Rai possesses expertise in many aspects of dental work including Dental Implant Fixing, Surgical Tooth Extraction, Root Canal Therapy, BPS Dentures Fixing, Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry as well as Scaling/Polishing services.

  1. Dr. Vikash Kumar

Pediatric Dentists in Noida specialize in treating children’s dental and gum issues. Additionally, they may offer pre/post surgical orthodontics to align your child’s teeth properly and fill any gaps or crowding issues; additionally they will teach parents how to brush and floss your child’s teeth correctly for best results and reduce tooth decay.

Dr. Km deepti Goel (General physician) takes great pride in providing her patients with quality healthcare, drawing upon over 11 years of clinical experience to serve them best. She accepts various insurance plans and also offers telehealth appointments.

She earned both her MDS in Pedodontics from ITS Centre For Dental Studies & Research and MSc Laser Dentistry degrees at University of Vienna’s Dental school. Additionally, she holds memberships with Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry as well as Society of Oral Laser Applications, India as well as numerous reputed hospitals.

  1. Dr. Pulkit Jhingan

Dr. Deepti Goel, founder of Floss Dental and Lasecouture, holds an MDS in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry as well as Master Laser Dentistry from Austria – she has eight years of experience and specializes in all pediatric procedures, facial esthetics & rotary endodontics – the least painful and fastest method for root canal treatments. She has established a specialized clinic dedicated to this form of root canal treatments.

She is also an esteemed Associate Professor and mentor for young students, her commitment to teaching and research has empowered numerous individuals in becoming successful dentists.

She offers an array of treatments and services, such as Tooth Extraction, Scaling/Polishing/Politoring Pulpectomy and Zirconia Crowns. Curofy makes booking an appointment easy, secure and free – simply visit her profile page for more details on what services she provides or book an appointment through Curofy today! She speaks Hindi, English and Urdu at her Gautam Buddha Nagar practice located in Delhi.

  1. Dr. Pankaj Malhotra

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile is of utmost importance in every field of endeavor, which necessitates regular trips to the dentist for checkups. Unfortunately, not everyone has time or desire to attend regular dental visits – which is where finding a quality dental clinic comes into play.

An insurance-approved dental clinic makes accessing treatment much simpler and can even help you find a specialist if required.

Dr. Pankaj Malhotra is an accomplished family practitioner with more than 15 years of experience in the medical field, affiliated with hospitals such as Mark Twain Medical Center and Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. He specializes in High Blood Pressure treatment, is known for having excellent patient rapport, communication skills and takes immense pleasure in providing his patients with quality healthcare services.