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Best Fashion Blogs You Should Bookmark Them

Best Fashion Blogs You Should Bookmark Them 

Fashion bloggers have a huge role in many women life. Bloggers that are working on fashion are actually the best advisors that can advise you to own the best fashion styles and can help you in looking fascinating and stunning. Fashion will be forever being innovated, there are so many styles in which one can flaunt an outfit. There are many who already know how to style up them and there are also those women that still need some pieces of fashion advice for them. The duty of fashion blogger is to guide and inform their followers about the latest trend and by telling them how one can carry a particular attire. They also help women in getting information about the brands and websites of clothing or footwear or fashion accessories from where they can buy women dresses online in the most affordable yet premium quality kinds of stuff.

Best Fashion Blogs:

Fashion bloggers are really working hard in telling their followers the best part of fashion. There are many honest and the best fashion bloggers that provide their followers with the best and honest reviews about the products. There are many bloggers that are working as fashion bloggers but not everyone is good in it. You may have seen some of the bloggers that are writing positive contents about the product but when you test it, those products seem to be horrible for you. Today we are here to show you some of the best fashion bloggers that are worth following. Let us have a look at those fashion bloggers and see what do they share with their followers and are they worth bookmarking or not?

  • Fashion Toast
  • Fashion Tribes
  • La Petite Fashionista
  • Gabi Gregg – OG Fat Girl
  • Wendy Nguyen – Wendyslookbook
  • Akanksha Redhu
  • Whowhatweardaily

Fashion Toast:

A girl with extreme fashion sense. A girl named Rumi Neeli shows her passion for fashion. In her blog, she writes all about her daily looks and she tries her level best to showcase all her looks in front of her followers. In her blogs, she tells about all how one can carry a simple style in a unique way. She is now reaching the top due to its hard work. This girl is worth following as she is the inspiration for the young girls, they can actually get to know about how one can make his/her outfit more charming. She also informs about cheap womens dresses online uk websites.

Fashion Tribes:

This blog Is one of the most trusted and well-known blogs. The inspiration that this blog give is exceptional. If you are the one who is thinking to start your own blog but don’t have enough motivation then this blog is surely for you. This blog can actually give you so motivation and inspiration that can help anyone starting his/her own blog. In her blogs, she covers almost everything in the blog. If you want to know about the latest womens lace dress trends, styles, patterns, handbags, most trendy footwear or whatever. You can have almost every trend in this blog. This blog is worth following for the people that are always in search of new trends.

La Petite Fashionista:

A blog that can be the inspirations for the youngsters. This blog is actually run by a college student called Lauren. In her blog, she discusses all those runways looks that one can love. She tells about all those looks that a college girl can afford while managing her study. So, what to wait for? This blog is surely a bookmark for our young generation. You can get fashion inspiration from her as well as you can also get to know how one can look trendy while on their budget.

Gabi Gregg – OG Fat Girl:

We all know that plus size women have always feel problems due to their bulky figure. The blog of this beauty promotes body positivity, she tells plus size women that how one can look super stylish, fascinating and colourful with the outfits. A girl full of life, so is her attires. She only talks about the plus size women, their styles, their clothing. She is an inspiration to plus size women as she brings back some of the plus size women to life. She knows the fact that our plus size women are often neglected in regard to clothing, footwear or fashion accessories. Therefore, she informs her plus size followers that from where and which brand they can get their plus sizes at affordable prices. Along with this, she Is the one that flaunts ladies silk dress in the most flaunting way. A blog that should surely be bookmarked.

Wendy Nguyen – Wendyslookbook:

A 5-foot blogger is full of passion for people, culture, music art and many more. One girl that can inspire you in so many different ways. She is such a versatile blogger; she can create a lot of content along with being a blogger. She is all in all. There are many people that are fond of music, culture or art. This blog is surely for them.

Akanksha Redhu:

A stunning blogger whose blog is a mixture of everything. She posts all about everyday looks to the lifestyle she adores, all the beauty tips she loves to do and last but not the least is fashion. She writes and inspires her followers almost everything. Make sure to follow and bookmark her. You can also get informed about cheap dresses for special occasions from her blog.


We often see our celebrities wearing high-end clothing and accessories. Have you ever wondered what your favourite celebrity was wearing last week or which handbag she was carrying? Whowhatweardaily has information about everything.

All these fashion blogs are working really hard for their blogs, they are making it sure to provide their followers with the best information and reviews. They assure that their followers are wearing trendy clothing. Besides this, are you a cardigan lover? Look at this site ladies cardigans sale from where you can have the best cardigans at affordable prices. Wear the best!


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