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Best Sports Betting Apps in Uganda 2022 for IOS & Android

Online gambling is slowly taking over the world and Uganda is no exception. There are many online gaming applications in Uganda that players can take advantage of. Gambling is legal in Uganda, unlike in some countries where online gambling is prohibited. Over the years, many Ugandans have participated in many of these festivals. This allowed many gambling companies to launch a campaign and offer players more online gambling services.

Mobile Betting in Uganda

Since 1968, when the group betting law was passed, sports fans have bet on international and local events. Thanks to easy access to computers, mobile phones, iPods, tablets, & bet app in Uganda. More than 40 million people in the country can now gamble on their mobile phones via websites or apps.


  1. Improved performance. More people have more phones than computers, and websites have better computer performance than cell phones. Gambling has become more convenient for use with a mobile phone than for visiting websites because it is adapted to your small screens.
  2. Additional Features: Apps have some special features that make navigating easier than web pages, and features like notifications are an important part of the apps available on a web page bet app in Uganda. When a group scores or scores, the app notifies the owner on the phone. †
  3. Faster reaction: Speed ​​is very important, especially in football. The program always responds faster than browsing the site. It is very important to place your bets quickly before the start of the tournament.
  4. Free download. There is no extra cost to download the gambling app as there is a lot of money on the gambling website. The application is available on mobile phones with Android or iOS, regardless of the type of mobile phone users.

Mobile betting, as mentioned above, can be done by downloading the bookmaker’s betting app or betting directly from their mobile website. Here are a few reasons why we should keep betting on the app.

Uganda Online Casino: Gambling Site

On April 8, 2016, online gambling was fully legal and regulated in Uganda; With the entry into force of the current legislation of the Lotteries and Sports Act p. Previously, the national gambling industry was regulated by the National Lottery Council (NLB); which was established in 1967 under the National Lottery Act. A year later, the Act on games of chance and billiards (control and taxes) came into effect. Finally, a few years ago, especially in December 2013, laws on lotteries and sports were announced.

It should be noted that with the current gambling legislation, the National Gambling Board (NGBU) was established in Uganda in April 2016. The NGBU is responsible for managing and distributing licenses to network and local users. It is also responsible for collecting taxes on bets.

Currently, all recognized bookmakers except 1xBet and Betway Uganda are local. A GGR tax of 20% applies to all permit holders. However, most of the world-famous bookmakers are not locally licensed. Therefore it is not taxed. It is also worth noting that players who choose a casino in Uganda are required to pay a 15% tax deduction on their winnings. However, betting on unlicensed international sports will not be taxed.

International Bookmakers Accept Players in Uganda

Bet app in Uganda can bet on any player from anywhere in the world, licensed or not. However, we understand that it is difficult to choose from all the available names that you need. That’s why we decided to share the most famous with you.