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Best ways to effectively promote the export Business

Best ways to effectively promote the export Business 

Setting up the Import-Export business or manufacturing new products to export is a lot of work, launching and promoting the other half of the equation. Without the promotion of the export products or services, exporters could miss out on many opportunities or even end up losing money. Nowadays, there are so many entrepreneurs coming up with the export business and various quality products to export if we don’t promote the business and products or services, we may lose opportunities that we unable to afford, so we thought to guide you on this topic. We can suggest the best ways to promote exports.

Promoting new products or services should depend on the channels which are used by our audience and their online behaviors instead of using the wrong channels and doing cross-promotion of products and services.

  • Exclusive preview to loyal customers,
  • Promote the business via email
  • Take the membership in export promotion councils.
  • Participate in Trade fair or events organized by export promotion councils
  • Avail the Government incentives
  • Offer complimentary services on service export.
  • Ask the customer reviews and share them on your platforms.
  • Facebook advertising

Exclusive preview to loyal customers:-

Loyal customers play a vital role in promoting the export business because they not only purchase from you but promote it to their networks. Exclusive offerings reinforce how much you value you give to your customers.

Promote the business via email

Email is an excellent channel to promote the businesses; new products can be promoted by email campaign, the newsletter can be sent via mail to inform them about the upcoming changed or updated products or services, Subject line of the mail should be attractive. A letter should explain how much value addition your products will give to the client’s business.

Take the membership in export promotion councils:-

Export Promotion councils are the government authorities who are responsible for the promotion of export products and services. These are playing an important role in trade industry; they can help exporters to find new buyers, do the markets research, Provide RCMC (Registration cum membership certificate) which is the necessary document for claiming various Government incentive schemes like

MEIS Scheme and SEIS scheme which provides incentives to the goods exporters and service exporters respectively, They are responsible to aware their members about the technology, standard and specifications in international trade quality need to be maintained.

Exporters shall apply to the appropriate Export promotion schemes (EPC) according to their products; for example, apparel exporter has to register with AEPC. The Government of India launched RoDTEP scheme, which will replace other existing incentive schemes in a phased manner, and EPCs are responsible for deciding the benefits rate.

Documents for registering under EPCs

  • A valid copy of IEC
  • DGFT Dsc
  • CA Certificate, certifying the export turnover.
  • List of all the Directors/Partners/
  • MSME if the exporter is the manufacturer

Avail the Government incentive schemes

There are various incentive schemes launched by the Government to promote its export business by offsetting infrastructure inefficiency and associated cost involved in the export process,

Exporters should avail of the benefits by making applications on government websites related to foreign trade policies and customs. In India Under SEIS Scheme  Service exporters can avail the incentive

The products & services on social media

Make the business accounts on social media to promote new business, and this is an easy way to reach the audience. The followers can easily share our goods and services on their business profile.

Facebook advertising:-

Facebook is the advertising window to large no. of people who may be interested in the new export products or services

Ads can be posted related to products or services on Facebook for promotion purposes.

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