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Beverage Boxes: Packaging Design, and Environmental Considerations

Beverages include products that are competitive in the industry and available in many different types. You can get juices, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, water, etc. If you are in the business of selling beverages, you will know the necessity of packaging them well so that your product can remain safe in them and also so that it can stand out on a store shelf and even online.

When designing beverage boxes you need to keep the product in mind and also what your target audience will be drawn to. In today’s environmentally conscious environment, sustainable practices are also paramount.

The packaging design, trends, and environmental considerations when it comes to packaging beverages have been considered below:

Minimalist Design

The minimalist design has gained traction recently. This reflects a shift towards something more modern as well as sophisticated looking. You can use this trend when packaging beverages to make the box stand out.

This design trend keeps the packaging design simple by only including the vital details on it. Not much color, images, fonts, get used which can create a confusing and loud packaging design.

The packaging will feature clean lines, straightforward typography as well as subtle branding. The design is able to feel exclusive or even aspirational. It can make the box stand out and draw people’s eyes.

If you are selling herbal tea for instance, this packaging design will suit it.

Innovative Visual Elements

On the other hand the industry can be seen to be incorporating exciting innovative visual elements into the packaging design. This includes vibrant colors, unique shapes as well as eye-catching graphics. This lets the packages be able to stand out on a store shelf.

This packaging design for printed beverage packaging can even look good if it matches the product you are selling. For example, if you are selling a fizzy drink, this design will look good on its packaging.

Packaging Material

Beverages need to be protected if you do not want the beverage container to get damaged. If it does, the liquid will leak and the product will get wasted. Customers will be annoyed if this happens and may avoid buying from your company again.

Packaging materials trending for this packaging include something strong that also does not have chemicals that can damage the beverage product. You need to keep these points in mind if you want perfect packaging.

Cardboard beverage packaging is a popular option as cardboard can give you strong boxes that can protect the beverage product that you place in them. This packaging also gives a positive impression to people as they get the feeling that the brand is selling good-quality stuff.

Sustainable Packaging Options

If you want to follow trends and if you want people to see your brand as a responsible one. It is important to choose eco-friendly packaging materials to make the box from. These materials must be such that they will not stay in landfills and also water bodies for many many years.

The packaging materials that are recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable are the ones. That can give you sustainable packaging that will not damage our environment further.

It is important to keep this point in mind when making packaging for beverages if you want your product to appeal to a wider consumer base.

Cardboard is a packaging material that will help you out here as well. On top of this, you will even need to choose to print the packaging with sustainable inks that will be safe for the environment and still allow the packaging to be eco-friendly.


Details about the product and brand need to be included on beverage boxes packaging wholesale. So that customers can know about the product in the packaging. You will need to carefully choose what font to use to include this information because it should be readable and must look good and interesting on the packaging as well.

It is important to state what type of drink you are selling, its ingredients and nutritional details, flavor, manufacturing and expiry date, warnings, etc. Only add the important information so that customers do not get confused with the details.

Also, include your company logo on the box so that people know about your brand being the one that has manufactured the beverage. You can even include details about your brand like its address, phone number, email address, website, etc. So that people can contact your company.

It is important to design custom beverage packaging in a way that follows trends so that the packaging can attract. You even need to keep the environment in mind so that you can make packaging that will not pollute it more.

Strong and attractive packaging can help give your brand a positive impression in front of shoppers so that they can think about buying your product.