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Blessed Friday – a Very Different Look of Black Friday

Blessed Friday – a Very Different Look of Black Friday 

Millions of people around the world celebrate sales of the year—Black Friday. On the last Friday of November, people make their dream come true by buying the products at crazy affordable prices.

Cash in hand and calmness out of the window, impulsive buying is on the peak at the year’s sales event. The shopping dream, which is otherwise not possible to achieve, becomes attainable. Right after Thanksgiving, marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. The sales remain to live for almost a month and facilitate people for the Christmas celebration.

Black Friday becomes blessed Friday for Pakistan

Observing the global trend, Pakistan also jumped on the bandwagon, and the trend of Black Friday sales started a couple of years back. Besides, it is an international event, and there is no evidence of brands following this event in Pakistan back in time.

However, keeping in mind the religion and culture of Pakistan, most people criticized the term ‘black’ associated with Friday. Being a Muslim country, Pakistan cannot cash out on Black Friday, as Friday is a holy day and sacred day of worship. Seeing the profits worldwide on this event, for Pakistan, it became ‘Blessed Friday Sale’.

The strategy of Black Friday is different for brands in Pakistan. Some brands go by ‘White Friday’ as well. Moreover, some brands offer discounts just one day, and they go by ‘Golden Friday Sale”. Every brand in Pakistan comes with a different strategy and cashes out in November from their sales.

Rebranding of Black Friday to Blessed Friday:

Black Friday is not just celebrated in America alone. It is not celebrated as a proper event in the UK, Africa, and Asia as well. The hype of the year’s sale is hugely demanding—customers queue outside before the dawn and wait for the store doors to be opened.

Three years back, a Pakistani e-commerce platform came up with celebrating Black Friday in Pakistan. They offered crazy discounts and offerings on all products—electronics, home appliances, bedding, decor, party supplies, etc. They started their marketing way before November and got a lot of backlashes.

A lot of criticism generated on social and print media. However, many other brands also came up with such sales—following in the footsteps of the first brand. Now just the backlash, people started to blame the brand for disturbing the ideology of Pakistan.

The criticism was not enough to destroy the brand; a petition was also filed in Islamabad High Court. The petitioner requested the government of Pakistan to ban all the ceremonies under the name of Black Friday. The appeal was strong, and it was declared that this occasion is contrary to Islamic teachings.

Since the brand made a lot of effort and did gigantic marketing to promote the sale and other brands were following the same patterns, Black Friday was rebranded to Blessed Friday. Besides, some people are still people who don’t buy from this sale, as this idea came from the western country.

What Can You Expect From Blessed Friday Sales?

When it comes to Pakistan, you can expect a lot from Blessed Friday Sales. Having said that—it is not an easy task to enter into a store to utilize the sale. The crowd is crazy, and one should be ready to get a lot of attacks from strangers.

Three years back, there was no concept of such huge sales in Pakistan. Brands used to offer discounts and deals on occasions only. Ever since this whole fiasco of ‘Blessed Friday’ started, people now wait for shopping for the entire year. The majority of the people buy electronics and home appliances from such sales.

If you plan on buying from Blessed Friday sales, you need to do a lot of homework beforehand. Roam around the stores or explore the websites before the sale. If you are going to do online shopping, fill in your cart before the sale starts. It is easier that way, as everything gets out of stock real fast, whether in online shopping or traditional shopping.

Blessed Friday Sale Profitable for Pakistani Market:

Pretty much, yes! Now that there is a trend of blessed Friday sales in Pakistan, people wait for it. The month is also beneficial—falling in November, leads to the wedding season in Pakistan.

People wait for the Blessed Friday sale to shop for their wedding. Home decor and interior brands also avail of this event and offer discounts and deals. Moreover, this event is also beneficial for Non-Muslims in Pakistan, as November leads to Christmas, New Year, and Diwali.

Besides, this event is now pretty common in Pakistan, becoming a part of the culture. Back in time, people used to save for a home appliance, or they used to take part in committees. With this event’s boom, people now wait for the Blessed Friday sale to make a huge purchase.

The most beautiful part about this sale—people from all the classes can be a part of it. Now just the high-end brands offer discounts, but local brands have also started with this campaign.

Centuries-old practice in western countries has become the new trend for Pakistan. Not just the new trend, it has become more popular here in Pakistan. For brands, this is not an ordinary event—it is a huge event where they make sales of the year. According to many brands, they start making strategies eight months before and it takes a lot of time and effort to work on the plan. So far, there is a massive response from Pakistan’s consumer side, and people do avail the discounts rightly. There is a crazy response, and it has broken all the national record of sales.

Well, there is a prominent question in the mind of a lot of people regarding Blessed Friday sales in Pakistan. Why can’t Pakistan make its own shopping trend rather than following a western trend? Nevertheless, now that people have already started to develop, there is no going back!

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